Marketing is an essential part of establishing a successful business, whether you’re a law firm, a car insurance company, or any other enterprise. However, simply putting your name out there without a plan isn’t a great idea, especially since the most effective type of marketing – digital – isn’t free; quite the opposite, in fact. Even without hiring an agency to manage your firm’s marketing strategy and implementation, you’d have to pay significant sums to companies like Google or Microsoft to attract the attention of new clients, and without an experienced hand at the helm, your digital ad campaign can quickly become a drain on your resources, rather than a boon to your business. To prevent this scenario, it’s important to keep track of – and minimize – the cost of digital marketing services, but how much should law firms spend on marketing in the first place? To find out, keep reading as the law firm SEO team at Majux Marketing sheds some light on the matter.

Online Advertising and Marketing Costs for Law Firms

In systems as complicated as Google Ads or Bing Ads, it can be difficult to nail down the precise cost of online advertising and PPC for law firms, even within one particular market. Depending on a number of factors – such as the area where your firm is located or the demand for keywords related to your practice area – the costs related to digital marketing could be higher or lower, but we’ll look at the average cost per click (a standard metric in online advertising) that law firms spend on marketing:

Average Cost Per Click for Law Firm Marketing

Though the types of expenses involved in digital marketing can vary widely, the most widely used measure of how much a law firm is spending is its cost per click (CPC), or what that firm pays for each person who clicks on their ad. In general, law firms that advertise through Google AdWords spend about $6.75 per click, but keep in mind this isn’t a static number. The CPC for a given firm depends on how visible its ads are – which in turn determines how many people click on them – so it’s not necessarily the case that 100 clicks translates to $675 spent. However, it does provide a decent rule of thumb when considering how much to spend on marketing for your law firm.

How Costs Per Click Translate to Spending Per Lead

Now that you know what many law firms spend on digital marketing, you’d probably like to know if it’s worth the cost. To judge the worth of your firm’s cost per click – which is a rough metric, admittedly – you need to look at what a person is likely to do after they click on an ad, since most won’t actually pay for the product or service that’s advertised (though even then, the exposure can be valuable in the long run).

The percentage of people who contact your business after clicking on an ad is called the conversion rate, and for the purposes of this piece, let’s assume that your business enjoys a conversion rate of 10% – a bit above average, but entirely possible when you work with the team at Majux. If you’re paying $6.75 per click and 10% of those users turn into leads, you’re essentially paying $67.50 per lead. This is a pretty high number compared to businesses in other industries, but it should be noted that legal marketing is the most expensive kind in the digital world, and if that $67 lead turns into a $100,000 settlement, it’s more than worth the cost.

Why Spend on SEO and Content Strategy to Market Your Law Firm?

As part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, the most successful law firms include search engine optimization (SEO) and content strategy for law firms in their campaign, in addition to traditional advertising. Like online ads, SEO and content services will cost your law firm money, but they have some unique advantages that can effectively supplement standard advertisements.

One of the best features of content, in particular, is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Each resource page or blog post added to your site is another opportunity for a prospective client to find you, because each page includes a unique assortment of keywords that cater to Google’s search algorithms. If, for instance, you practice bankruptcy law in Arkansas, a slew of pages detailing the various bankruptcy options in the state and the benefits of each will draw searches regarding those topics, so any time a person wants to know more about filing for bankruptcy in The Natural State, they’re more likely to find your site and become a client.

However – and this is where the SEO side comes in – the criteria by which Google judges content for placement among search results are constantly being changed and refined, so what was once effective for attracting clients can become less and less potent over time. By enlisting the aid of an experienced agency specializing in SEO and digital marketing services for law firms, you can ensure that your content stays optimized for search engines and continues to bring in leads as time goes on.

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