Salesforce and Litify WordPress Integration for Law Firms

Litify is a CRM and case management software that is built on Salesforce. It essentially uses the engine of Salesforce. For the purposes of this page, we are going to be talking about Salesforce, but the same strategy and integration would apply for Litify.

Salesforce is one of the most popular, powerful, and versatile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools available to your business.  Salesforce can be utilized to simultaneously manage data about your company’s sales and prospects, track which sections of your website receive the most traffic, and increase your site’s conversion rates, building WordPress form submissions into real-world leads.

In order for your business to get the most out of Salesforce, it needs to be integrated with your company’s WordPress site via Gravity Forms.  By synchronizing Salesforce and WordPress, you’ll unlock invaluable insights into how, when, and why customers use your website and interact with your business, boosting loyalty, accelerating sales, and increasing your marketing opportunities.  Don’t work harder – work smarter.

Increase Conversions by Integrating WordPress and Salesforce

Salesforce is a data organization tool that functions by compiling information about your company’s sales and storing it in an online database.  The database is accessible via subscription.

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that allows users to effortlessly drag and drop fields, making it fast and easy to create beautiful, streamlined contact forms and lead forms.  Through Gravity Forms, our team of developers can seamlessly integrate people who contact you via your website as they are automatically entered into your Salesforce campaigns.  Our developers follow a three-step process to achieve this for your company.

  • Step 1 – First, we overhaul your website’s contact forms to Gravity Forms. We can also perform a general site audit to screen your website for other issues that need improvement, like lags in load time, duplicate content, broken links, and other problems that detract from the user experience and discourage conversion.
  • Step 2 – Once your contact forms have been updated to Gravity Forms, we set up Salesforce to accept the contacts smoothly.
  • Step 3 – Finally, we use Gravity Forms to integrate your WordPress site with Salesforce, which enables your business to start sending contacts directly into your Salesforce campaign. This process involves activating the Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-On, enabling web-to-lead integration, and mapping form fields.

Six Ways Your Company Benefits from Synchronizing WordPress and Salesforce

No matter what types of products or services your company offers, Salesforce and WordPress are a powerful team that allow your business to manage and allocate resources where they’re needed most.  Here are six advantages of synchronizing Salesforce and WordPress for your business:

  1. Turn submissions into leads. Filters and hooks in WordPress enable your business to track and monitor how well each form is performing.  You will be able to clearly see which forms are successful, then apply those strategies for success to other forms across your website.
  1. Create an automated receipt, promo or abandoned cart campaign for eCommerce. Integrating your marketing tasks with GravityForms and Salesforce allows your eCommerce site to outperform your competition

With custom integration solutions, Salesforce seamlessly performs all of these tasks.  Additionally, Majux offers SEO services, paid search services, and web design services for eCommerce sites.

  1. Track page and user activity. Use the logged-in user page tracking feature to identify which pages on your site get the most traffic.
  1. Simplify user management. Synchronizing your Salesforce CRM with WordPress users allows your business to manage a comprehensive database of every customer.  For example, you can set up site registration, or other key WordPress functions, to generate new leads from WordPress in your Salesforce database.
  1. Effortlessly integrate custom objects. Objects combine the functionality of a table with added features that make them more versatile and useful for businesses.  In addition to using standard objects, our developers can create customized objects to store data that’s unique to your business.

Connect Site Performance to Campaign IDs

By attaching a WordPress action to Salesforce, you can connect registered users on your website with specific sales campaigns, or connect users who submit forms to a campaign ID in Salesforce.

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