Should Your Firm Use FindLaw? Is It Legit?

Every attorney or agency knows of someone who had a nightmare experience with FindLaw. If you find yourself wondering how to get out an abusive FindLaw contract, you’re certainly not alone. About once a month, we get a call from a former Findlaw client who is having...


How To Get More Car Accident Cases For Your Law Firm

Every personal injury firm wants more car accident cases, and our client base at Majux is no different. This blog will discuss strategies for earning more car accident cases online, the competitive landscape of this niche, and what you can expect if you pursue a...

June 20, 2022 The Best Keywords for Law Firms in 2022

The Best Keywords for Law Firms in 2022

Keywords allow law firms to connect with potential clients at the moment they are seeking their services. If you rank for the right keywords, you can generate leads passively, for free. But before you can start generating leads, you’ll need to know how to find these...