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    If you’d like to sign more cases for your law firm in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, call Majux. We will attack the Google Map Pack and traditional search engine results page (SERP) in not only Los Angeles, but also in surrounding population centers like Pasadena, Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks, and more. In 2024 so far, our PI clients are getting signed cases for an average cost of $750 apiece.

    We will go into more detail about our unique content and SEO strategies below, but if you’d like to schedule a free consultation, send us a note with some details about your practice and goals.

    Furthermore, we offer market exclusivity for our law firm clients. We currently have an opening in Los Angeles, so if you would like to be our LA-area partner, let us know as soon as possible.

    SEO For Different Law Firm Practice Areas in LA

    Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Other Disciplines

    While most of our clients practice personal injury law, we have delivered incredible results for other categories as well:

    • Criminal defense law firms
    • Estate planning lawyers
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Tax attorneys
    • Family law firms
    • Business law firms

    An In-House Team of Marketers Who Have Passed the Bar Exam

    Our exceptional results are driven by the quality of our in-house marketing team. Majux was founded by an in-house marketing director for a large law firm, and that expertise helps us consult with clients on in-take processes, conversion rates, referral strategies, and other aspects of your business in addition to lead generation.

    Our editorial staff also has legal expertise. Our legal writers have actually passed the bar exam, they include real legal information in every page we write. This not only encourages readers to hire your firm, but it communicates your site’s authority to Google – this results in better rankings.

    Will The ROI on SEO Be Positive in the Los Angeles Market?

    Despite the fiercely competitive nature of the LA market, the potential return is significant. LADOT reports over 52,000 car accidents each year in Los Angeles. When you include the number of slip & falls, wrongful death cases, divorces, criminal charges, and other legal matters, there is a huge incentive to make your law firm visible on Google.

    How Long Will It Take For SEO To Work in Los Angeles?

    There are two primary scenarios we deal with, and both have different time frames.

    In scenario A, a law firm already has an established website, Google Business Profile, and at least a handful of links from other websites pointing to their website. These firms usually have a few Google reviews as well. In these cases, we are often taking over for underperforming agencies, or the client has had a website for a few years without pursuing SEO.

    You will usually start getting more calls from the Google Map Pack in as little as 2-3 months in these situations. You may even start to rank significantly better in the traditional SERP within 3 months as well.

    There are numerous other factors that may expedite or slow that timeline, but we can usually get your phone ringing much more quickly if you’ve “been online” for a while.

    In scenario B, a law firm is building their web presence from scratch, or a lawyer is starting to go solo after working for another firm. This would be starting from zero: a brand new domain name and a brand new Google Business Profile.

    We will provide more insight when you send us a note, but in these cases, SEO is more of an investment. You may start to sign cases from the SEO work in 6-7 months, but it may also take 11-12 months before you are getting multiple cases per month from SEO. Once you start getting cases, the return compounds very quickly, but be prepared for a period of time where you are waiting for Google to reward your SEO work.

    What Work Goes Into SEO in the LA Market?

    The Research Phase

    After we’ve spoken with you about your practice area and preferred case type, we will research the market in detail. We’ll recommend building out pages targeting “Los Angeles” search queries first, then prioritize different satellite cities and towns based on:

    • Their population
    • Their population density
    • Their alignment with your brand and practice area
    • Whether or not Google shows unique search results for those towns
    • The competition index in the area

    That will then inform our strategy and content calendar going forward.

    On-Site SEO and Web Design

    If you have an existing site, we’ll run a thorough audit to find 404 errors, canonical errors, redirect chains, incorrect internal link structures and anchor text, poor content, and other issues. We can clean all of these up quickly, and we’ll even add new conversion elements (like buttons and CTAs) if we can improve your conversion rate.

    If you don’t have a website, or if your site isn’t salvageable, we’ll quickly design a new one for you. We design our law firm sites and build them in-house, and we offer very competitive rates for this service. We have a vast amount of data to draw from, and we already have a good idea of what website elements help drive new cases for our clients.

    While we are designing the site, we are already writing content for the initial network of pages. We can launch the site with high quality, unique content from day one.

    The Los Angeles-Specific  Content Strategy

    People in Los Angeles are asking questions like:

    • What’s the statute of limitations on truck accident lawsuits in CA?
    • How do you get a police report after a car accident in LA?
    • How to sue insurance for bad faith in LA?
    • How do you set up a will in CA?
    • And so forth

    We know what topics generate local traffic and yield cases, and we’ll add those to your content calendar.

    As far as bottom-of-the-funnel pages go, we will write, optimize and publish pages like:

    • Los Angeles car accident lawyer
    • Personal Injury Lawyer Long Beach
    • Tax Attorney Pasadena
    • Etc.

    We blanket your region with content that will rank on Google, get traffic from qualified readers, and generate actual signed cases for your firm.

    Backlinks and Citation Building

    For your website to rank on Google, you need backlinks from other websites. Firstly, we have a huge stock list of law firm directories and general business directories that we use to build profiles for your business. On these profiles, we include your business name, address and phone number – this is called a “citation,” and it helps you rank in the map pack. We also include a link to your website on each profile.

    We also have a network of bloggers and website publishers that we work with. We are able to pitch blogs, quotes, or data to these blogs, and when they publish your expertise, you will receive a link to your website. It’s time consuming, but very effective.

    Thirdly, we do genuine PR for our clients. We are often able to connect our clients with journalists and bloggers through various PR tools, and if your quote gets accepted (we can ghost write these for you), you’ll usually get a website link.

    If You Have Questions About Strategy or Opportunity, Get in Touch

    We speak with lawyers every week about the potential opportunities in their market and how our unique SEO strategy works. We’d be happy to set up a free consultation.

    As long as we still have openings in the LA market, we can also set up an exclusivity agreement with your law firm. Send us a note regarding law firm SEO services in your area, and we’ll respond right away.

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