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    If you would like to sign significantly more personal injury, criminal defense, estate planning or other clients in the Phoenix metro area, send us a note. As of our most recent calculation in 2024, our personal injury SEO clients across the US are getting signed cases for an average of $750 apiece, and we generate hundreds of calls for our criminal defense and tax/estate clients as well.

    We do offer exclusivity to all of our law firm marketing clients. If you’d like to be our partner in the Phoenix area, get in touch.

    Will the Investment in SEO Pay Off in Phoenix?

    The key questions to ask:

    1. Are there enough potential cases available in Phoenix to significantly scale your revenue?
    2. Can we actually compete and win, or is the field too saturated already?
    3. Are you limited to Phoenix?

    These are fair questions. We would like to address them individually.

    Question #1: Is the Potential Return Great Enough?

    From time to time, we are approached by firms in rural areas or small towns, and the amount of opportunity simply isn’t there for the return on their investment to be worthwhile. The Phoenix metro area does NOT represent one of these situations.

    4.85 million people live in the general Phoenix metro area. Personal injury lawyers likely know that Maricopa County alone has roughly 80,000 car accidents each year, so there are more than enough MVA cases to compete for. Given the large population of Phoenix, the criminal defense angle is very busy. Even estate planning and family lawyers have lots of work to compete for, considering the affluent communities of Scottsdale, Phoenix itself, and other neighboring cities.


    In short, the economic potential is there to justify an aggressive SEO play in the Phoenix metro area.

    Question #2: Can You Compete and Win in This Metro?

    Yes, we can compete with other firms in Phoenix and come out on top. We successfully drive signed cases for our clients in Manhattan, Long Island, Chicago, Brooklyn, Queens, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Houston, Dallas, and many other competitive markets, and we know how to help our clients get signed cases at a tremendous cost per case.

    #3: Our Marketing Strategy Will Cast a Wide Net Around Phoenix

    Furthermore, we help our clients get leads outside of the city limits as well. Once we’ve fully built out your Phoenix-specific content strategy, we can branch out to help you sign cases from Prescott, Flagstaff, and other significant population centers in your metropolitan area. We also research local business directories and backlink opportunities in these satellite cities, and we can also help you gain visibility through additional Google Business Profiles as well.

    If you would like to dominate the entire Phoenix region, not just the city of Phoenix itself, let us know. We’ll create a custom game plan for your law firm.

    How Long Will It Take To Get More Cases?

    Our attorney clients fall into two primary buckets:

    1. Websites that have been online for a period of time, and have engaged in past marketing services
    2. Brand new firms or websites that have not had any previous marketing or SEO work

    The First Scenario: An Existing Website

    If you’ve been in business for a period of time, your website has been online for 2+ years, and you already have an established Google Business Profile, we may be able to increase your volume of signed cases in as few as 2-4 months. The improvement will just continue from there. This is not a guarantee, but there is a chance that we’ll be able to drive near-immediate results.

    Our initial audits often identify low hanging fruit that will help your website rank higher right away. From technical SEO errors to incorrect meta titles, internal links, or a malformed Google Business Profile, we may be able to find quick wins.

    Second Scenario: Building Your Presence From Scratch

    If this is a brand new project, we will start at a dead sprint to try and get signed cases coming in within 6-8 months. In hyper competitive markets, it can take up to a year before a brand new digital presence is generating cases. This isn’t rocket science – there are dozens of law firms that have been pursuing SEO for multiple years now. We can leap-frog them, but it takes time.

    The return is still fantastic. The first 2-3 additional signed cases pay off the entire investment in SEO, and as the case load scales from there, the return becomes overwhelmingly positive.

    What We Actually Do

    It Starts With a Quality, Conversion Friendly Website

    Google loves websites that are fast, mobile friendly, full of high quality content, and encourage engagement from your website visitors. We design and build high performing law firm websites that do exactly that.

    Armed with our own data from scores of clients and past projects, we know what converts on law firm websites and what doesn’t. We also keep your website free from technical errors by running regular audits and crawls, and we also keep up with the latest shifts in Google’s algorithm.

    Cutting Edge Content Strategy That Earns Cases

    We have an expert in-house content team of writers who have passed the bar exam. When paired with our SEO strategists, our writers are able to create service pages and informational blog posts that rank at all stages of the marketing funnel. For instance, we would suggest pages that will rank for all of the following queries:

    1. What’s the statute of limitations on car accident lawsuits in AZ?
    2. How to get a police report after a car accident in Phoenix
    3. Phoenix car accident lawyer
    4. And many more

    This web of helpful content keeps your phone ringing, and we can roll it out to cities around Phoenix as well.

    Links and Citations That Move the Needle

    Your website can’t rank on Google without backlinks, and your Google Business Profile won’t rank without citations (instances of your name, address and phone number). We do real PR, add your website to numerous law firm directories, and network with quality publishers to earn the citations and backlinks you need to rank well.

    Contact Us For More Insight

    If you’d like to know more about how we would attack law firm SEO in Phoenix on your behalf, please send us a note. We would be happy to chat with you, understand your goals and practice areas, and explain our strategies further. We look forward to hearing from you.

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