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    seo for law firms websites

    In Jan. 2022, we generated an average of
    130 Qualified Leads
    for our law firm partners.

    Is your SEO agency doing that?
    If not, you can do better.

    Top Lawyer SEO Agency

    Attorney Andrew Shubin hired Majux in 2019 to grow his law firm with a new website, SEO, and content strategy. From August 2019 – August 2020, Majux grew new organic users from 2,784 to 35,881 (+1,177.57%) vs. the previous year. As a result, Andrew Shubin received 754 phone calls from August 2019 to August 2020 (tracked in CallRail) vs. 38 the year before (tracked in Google Analytics). We also measured a 697% increase in form submission clicks year over year – 594 vs. 73.

    arrow pointing upward 1,117% Increase in organic users from previous year
    arrow pointing upward 38 vs. 754
    Increase in organic phone calls from previous year

    Best Law Firm SEO Agency



    Attorney SEO Agency

    Best Attorney Firm SEO Agency

    Darwin Overson, a criminal defense lawyer in Salt Lake City, asked Majux to grow his law practice through SEO and Google Ads. From March 1, 2019 – March 1, 2020, Majux increased his year-over-year organic traffic by 108.12% (118,160 vs 56,776), his website phone clicks by 215.45% (1,123 vs 356), and his website form submission clicks by 94.05% (522 vs 269). We also created a highly targeted display campaign on Google Ads that generated 479 phone call clicks and form submission clicks for $98 apiece from Jan 1 – Aug 25 2020 — that’s less than half the industry standard CPL for criminal defense leads on Google Ads.

    arrow pointing upward 108.12% Increase in organic traffic
    arrow pointing upward 215.45% Increase in phone clicks

    SEO Agency for Attorney Website



    Law Firm SEO

    Law Firm SEO Services

    Ted Kleinman, CPA, asked Majux to help him grow his client base of US expats and international clients. We used a tax-focused content strategy and SEO plan to grow his year-over-year traffic by 99.95% from 2019-2020 (39,139 organic visitors vs 19,574 from Jan 1 – Aug 26, the date of this study), and we increased his lead count significantly as well – form submissions grew 44.57%, and phone calls increased by 30%.

    arrow pointing upward 99.95% Increase in website traffic from previous year
    arrow pointing upward 44.57%

    Increase in form submissions


    Increase in form submissions

    Increase in phone calls

    Attorney and Lawyer SEO



    Agency Specializing in Law Firm SEO


    We have helped hundreds of companies over the years. Our efforts and campaigns have generated millions of dollars (we track it) for our clients and partners. We like to think that our no-nonsense approach and understanding of the data and psychology behind conversion is what our clients like most about us. But that’s what we think – don’t take it from us – take it from some of the business owners we’ve helped.

    Best SEO Agency for Lawyers

    Jeffrey Reiff, Esq.
    Founder, Reiff Law Firm

    Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

    Ongoing SEO + Content Strategy for a Personal Injury Law Firm

    In the last six months, we have moved steadily ahead in the rankings for the key words that we are monitoring and it appears that we are currently dominating our competitors. You and your team have made us believers in your abilities.

    As you know, we had serious issues with our last nationally known and highly touted internet marketing service. We felt they were seemingly more interested in receiving dollars than the actual performance of our site. We actually saw our incoming leads fall precipitously after we retained our last marketing company whose “award winning” sales representative made many unfulfilled promises.

    It is said that actions speak volumes more than words, and your actions in cleaning up their mess and the results you achieved speak for themselves.

    Over the last decade or so, we have worked with some of the biggest names in the legal internet marketing business and not one of them has been able to deliver the results that you have been able to achieve. I have found that our close working relationship and your accurate, timely feedback and reporting places your internet marketing company head and shoulders above the competition. Glad to have you in our corner.

    Lawyer SEO

    Darwin Overson
    Founder, Overson Law Firm

    Agency for Lawyer SEO

    SEO + Content Strategy + PPC for a Criminal Defense Law Firm

    Responsive, creative, professional, the list of goes on from there. If you are looking for a full service online marketing firm, this is the place for you. My business has grown year after year and as markets have changed, Majux is there ahead of the curve to meet the challenge.

    Best Law Firm SEO Agency

    Nick M.
    Chemo Mouthpiece

    Law Firm SEO Company

    eCommerce Site Design + SEO + Content Strategy

    Over the last decade I have worked with numerous marketing and digital agencies, but none of them compare to Majux. They are incredibly responsive, attentive and professional. Bernie and his team are excellent at what they do and I would HIGHLY recommend them to any company seeking marketing or advertising services. Whether it is website design and development, content marketing, SEO or managing paid advertising campaigns, I have complete trust and faith in Bernie and his talented team at Majux. As a marketer myself, it is wonderful to work with someone who is truly invested in your success and not just looking to make a quick buck. Bernie has personally been a pleasure to work with, always provides helpful insights and I look forward to continuing our working relationship well into the future.

    Best Attorney SEO Agency

    Kevin Queenan
    Founder, Queenan Law

    SEO for Law Firms

    “We were lucky enough to find Majux Marketing”

    Bernie and his staff have done a wonderful job of increasing our web presence. We are VERY pleased with the results. Hiring a knowledgeable SEO expert is akin to sorting out snake oil salesmen. There are literally 1000’s of so-called experts who want to make your web presence better for a fee, of course. After dealing with a couple of the self-proclaimed “experts”, who wholly let us down, we were lucky enough to find Majux Marketing.