Spanish PPC and Google Ads Campaigns for Lawyers

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    A paid ad campaign is an excellent way to increase visibility and spread your brand.  Running special, Spanish-language campaigns helps build trust and brand recognition among Hispanic and Latino communities.  With 16.7% of the US population identifying as Hispanic or Latino, and 41 million native Spanish speakers in the US, running your next paid advertisement campaign in Spanish opens your site to new horizons.  Majux uses Spanish writers as an integral part of their advertising and design team. This allows us to craft Google AdWords campaigns, HTML5 display ads, and Facebook ads designed to increase your business and bring in potential Spanish-speaking clients and customers.  To learn more about how you can advertise to Spanish-speaking audiences, contact us today.

    Spanish Language Google AdWords Campaigns

    Google AdWords are the paid advertisements, right at the top of Google’s search results.  Pushing a number of your paid ads in Spanish helps broaden your potential web traffic.  Why eliminate 41 million potential customers or clients who might not read your English-language ads?  Adding a Spanish-language AdWords campaign can draw in new visitors to your site that you would have otherwise missed.

    Spanish-Language HTML5 Display Ads

    HTML5 display ads are the industry gold standard for eye-catching, animated advertisements.  Using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, we work to ensure your ads will load on any site, on any browser.  Google’s recent changes have dropped support for Flash-based ads, making any of those ads completely obsolete.  If you are in need of a new ad campaign, consider adding a Spanish-language design to your repertoire.

    Creating Spanish-language display ad designs helps broaden your customer base.  Reaching out to Spanish-speaking customers in their own language helps create a comfortable, approachable atmosphere for potential clients.  Focusing not only on adapting the language to reach a Hispanic and Latino audience, but also the imagery, helps your brand stand out to these customers.

    Display ads can appear on-site as banners, squares, videos, and more.  Choosing the best ad layout with the best visibility for your product or service is one of the ways we focus our marketing efforts.

    Spanish Facebook Ads

    Huge portions of Hispanic, Latino, and other Spanish-speaking Facebook users conduct their social media in Spanish.  By implementing Spanish-language Facebook ads, you ensure that your ads are a seamless part of the feed for Spanish-speaking Facebook users.

    Facebook’s unique way of presenting content to its users means implementing Facebook ads in a way that works for Facebook users.  Pushing your message in a Spanish or multilingual advertisement helps get more likes, more interactions, and more clicks.  Directing your engagements to your website or your company’s Facebook page helps get your audience where they need to go in the most strategic way possible.

    Because Facebook lets you specifically target ads at users who use different language settings, we can direct your Spanish-language advertisements where they will be most effective.  This dynamic advertisement is one of the features that we take advantage of, while other online marketing companies may not.

    Spanish-Language Paid Search Advertising

    Reach a wider audience with your advertisements.  If you are trying to grow your brand in Spanish-speaking markets, consider using Spanish-language AdWords and display ads.  Our Spanish-speaking writers can assure that your ads are natural and approachable for Hispanic and Latino customers and clients.  Contact us online or call (215) 309-1631 today to talk about your online advertising options.

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