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One of the main things that sets our team apart from other agencies is that we are a fulfillment house. This means that we are not handing individual pieces of your campaign off to third-party teams or contractors to implement. Except when working as part of a larger team or for our larger clients that have in-house capabilities, we do everything in-house. We do not outsource any of the work product that we provide our clients. This means that we do not upcharge you for work performed by freelancers, contractors, or overseas teams. In fact, we are the fulfillment team that several other agencies rely on to handle the technical, SEO and content work for their clients.

The benefits that this provides our clients is that our professionals have experience in actually performing the work that helps move the needle for them. This also greatly reduces the delay to implementation because there is no chain of communication that data, strategy, or implementation have to work down through. When you talk to our team, you are talking to actual industry professionals who are down in the trenches working on your site.

The second big advantage that we provide clients is that everything we do is based on real data. No meetings where everyone sits on yoga balls or corporate jargon here; what you get in Majux is a closely-tracked, results-based marketing solution with an emphasis on making your phone ring.

Bernie Clark Majux

Bernie Clark


Prior to founding Majux, Bernie spent a decade in Marketing Leadership positions for large and medium-sized law firms. He is fascinated by the data and psychology behind influencing purchase intent.

Although nationally known as one of the leaders in digital strategy for law firms, Majux also has a proven track record in some of the most competitive and aggressively marketed industries on the internet.

Different than some agencies, you won’t see Bernie plastered all over our website because what we do here is not focused on promoting Bernie’s profile, it’s about promoting our clients’ profiles.

Adam G.

Chief Operating and Paid Advertising Officer

Adam manages paid search and display advertising, contributes to overall digital strategy, and works with all aspects of SEO at Majux. Originally a music school grad, he made the jump into copywriting before discovering SEO and PPC. He’s generally considered to be the fourth most famous native of West Chester, PA after Samuel Barber, Bam Margera, and the person who invented Mother’s Day.


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Tyler B., JD
Content Marketing Associate
SEO for lawyers
Carelle C.
Administrative Director
SEO for attorneys
Darci G.
Content Marketing Associate
law firm SEO
Tommy K., JD
Content Marketing Associate
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Connor K.
Content Strategy & SEO Associate
best law firm SEO agency
Ray K., JD
Content Marketing Associate
law firm SEO
John L.
Editorial Manager
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Owen M.
SEO & Outreach Associate
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Ricardo M., JD
Spanish Content Marketing Associate
SEO agency for law firms
Trinh N.
Products & Automation
SEO for law firms
Chris R.
Front End Designer
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Mark S.
Development & UX Project Manager
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Adam Z.
SEO Associate


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Matthew M.
Liam T.
Front-End Developer

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