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    If you operate a law firm in the Denver metro area, contact Majux to help you get more signed cases and scale revenue. We primarily specialize in personal injury marketing, but we’ve delivered amazing results for criminal defense, estate planning, family, and other law firms as well.

    Our SEO strategies are timeless and effective, and our cutting-edge content strategy has been featured by the ABA. In fact, our average cost per signed case in the personal injury niche is $750 in 2024 so far.

    We currently have availability for 1-2 clients in non-competing law firm categories in Denver, and our clients have the  option for exclusivity. To inquire about becoming our partner in the Denver market, send us a note.

    Earn Cases in Denver and the Surrounding Towns and Cities

    We will attack your local map pack results and the Denver city limits first, but our unique content strategy also casts a wider net. We can help you sign cases in Lakewood, Aurora, Arvada, Parker, Littleton, and all of the surrounding population centers around Denver. Whether you want to sign car accident cases along the busy Interstate 25 corridor, or you’d like to target estate planning clients in the affluent Centennial suburb, we can reach these people.

    What’s the Potential Return on Your SEO Investment in Denver?

    The population of the Denver metro area is around 3 million, and this metro area accounts for 20,000-30,000 car accidents each year, according to CDOT data. That is a tremendous amount of opportunity for a personal injury lawyer trying to sign more cases. That doesn’t even account for the amount of criminal cases, workers’ comp cases, trust fund clients, and other legal disciplines.

    It is very likely that you will fully recoup your SEO investment within six months of us starting the work (for some clients it’s much faster than that, and in hyper-competitive markets, it can take a bit longer). After you reach that point of recouping your investment, the returns start piling in as you sign more and more cases.

    We’ve worked with many firms who were either just starting out, or who already had an established web presence. Here are some things we learned that will translate to the Denver market:

    If You Have a Website and Established Practice Already

    We often start SEO work for firms that either have a website that they simply haven’t “SEO’d,” or we take over from an underperforming agency. We also get clients who are seeking to leave Findlaw or other similar practitioners. In these cases, there is usually low hanging fruit that we can go after.

    For instance, perhaps your website had pages for your different practice areas, but they didn’t have the right meta titles, headings, or the content was poorly written. Commonly, we take over websites that have no internal link structure, or the site was riddled with technical SEO issues like 404 errors or redirect chains.

    We will correct these issues starting day 1. We often see an instant jump in keyword rankings, and you may start to get more leads within the first month. This is a best-case scenario.

    Other clients who have pre-existing websites already have links from chamber of commerce directories, legal blogs, or press releases online. This helps set a good foundation. We will work quickly to write and publish the content you need to rank on Google, build additional backlinks, and correct any on-site issues, and in these cases, you may start to see more signed cases in 3-4 months.

    Still other law firms already have a Google Business Profile with numerous reviews. This is another great foundational element. We will quickly optimize your Google Business Profile according to our best practices, build additional “citations” (instances of your business name, address & phone number across the internet), and make sure your business info is consistent across numerous web directories. We will also hustle to clean up any spam or keyword stuffing in the Google Map Pack from your competitors. This alone may lead to an increased number of leads.

    Are You Starting a Brand New Firm or Website?

    If you are trying to launch a brand new website or law practice from scratch, you need to view SEO as an investment. It’s not an instant channel. We can even run PPC ads for you to get leads in the door in the short term, with the plan to pause the ads as soon as your organic traffic starts driving leads. We do this quite often.

    Denver is competitive, and a quick look at the search engine results (“SERPs”) reveals numerous law firms who have been pursuing SEO, at varying levels of quality, for several years.

    We will beat the other firms, but it takes time. We have had clients in ultra-competitive markets who had to wait 11 months before Google rewarded the SEO work. Even in the case of that 11-month ramp up period, that client has made massive returns on his SEO investment (feel free to ask about that in your note to us – we can chat about it).

    Google is crawling millions of websites, and it takes time for the algorithm to reward your new content, backlinks, website quality, and other factors.

    What Are SEO Process Includes

    Our Content Strategy

    We alluded to our content strategy above. Our best-in-class content work is anchored by our in-house editorial team, staffed with writers who have passed the bar exam. We write pages at all levels of the marketing funnel, and here as some examples:

    1. A page entitled “Denver Personal Injury Lawyer”
    2. A page entitled “Denver Car Accident Lawyer”
    3. A blog post regarding the statute of limitations on car accidents in CO
    4. A blog post about what to do when your insurance low-balls your settlement offer
    5. A blog about who pays for medical bills after an injury

    We can create 5, 10, 20, or even 40 pieces of high quality content for your site each month, and we can include Denver and all of the surrounding cities. Every page we publish has the potential to pull in phone calls and cases.

    Backlinking Work

    Google needs to see links from other websites pointing to yours. We use real PR, blog outreach, and our huge in-house list of law firm directories to build high value backlinks to your website. As Google crawls these links, the pages we write for you will start to rank higher on Google and accumulate traffic.

    On-Site SEO

    Whether we are designing and building a brand new website for you or “refurbishing” what you already have, we will make sure your site is lightning fast, conversion friendly, and free of technical errors. We have logs and logs of user data at our disposal, and we know how to position buttons, forms and calls-to-action in a way that convinces visitors to contact you. We can also consult on your testimonials, “about” section, and everything else on your website.

    Local SEO in the Google Map Pack

    We will optimize your Google Business Profile description, add products and FAQs to your profile, audit your categories and services, and more. Additionally, we help you rank higher in the map pack by building dozens of local citations.

    Interested in Law Firm SEO Services in Denver? Contact Us

    To express interest in becoming our exclusive partner in the Denver market, send us a note. We would be happy to provide a free law firm SEO consultation at your earliest convenience, and we can explain our process in greater detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

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