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We have worked with law firms of all sizes and practice area focus. Our approach to each practice area is unique and we customize your plan based on your goals, firm model, and market opportunity. Feel free to contact us by phone or by using the contact form. Someone will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

In the broadest sense, what we offer (and why firms partner with us), is the freedom to build the ideal practice that you envision for yourself. We do this by building a stable base of content and visibility strategies that generate increasing lead volume over time.  Having this base of predictable and steady volume allows you to focus on the structure of your practice – whether it be:

  1. Handling only the types of cases that you want
  2. Managing intake and referring out cases
  3. Referring out cases and cherry picking only the most interesting or lucrative
  4. A change in practice area
  5. Creating a niche practice
  6. Scaling to new geographies or building a national practice
  7. Regaining work/life balance
  8. Building up a brand as part of an exit strategy
  9. Or anything in between

Why Firms Choose Us

Firms choose and stay with us because we are not just talking about it – we have a successful track record of doing this for clients.  Many of our longtime clients started with us as fresh solo practitioners after leaving a firm and branching out on their own.  Over time, we have built these practices up into intentionally customized legal practices and we can do the same for you.

We Are a Strategy and Fulfillment House

Many agencies are happy to manage the strategic piece of your campaign and outsource the actual production and implementation contained within that strategy.  There are several reasons why this is not beneficial for the client, but the main drawbacks would be capped work product and quality control. If your current agency is outsourcing the production and/or implementation piece of your engagement, that means that they are capping the amount of hours, or work product, for the people who are actually working on the campaign.  This is because they have to take the money that you pay them each month, carve it up, and pay an hourly rate to outsourced or contracted freelancers. If more work is suddenly needed in order to pivot, adapt to a Google update, speed things up, or simply move the needle for you at all, you are either waiting for your next recurrence date to tick over (and the retainer is replenished), or you have to pay more money.

We operate completely differently.  Because all of our folks are in-house and in-person, we are able to allocate the necessary resources to your campaign in real-time.  Essentially, we will not stop until you are generating leads.

This is why our agency is structured differently than other agencies in the space.  We place more of an emphasis on assembling team members that are talented at performing the actual task that they work on.  We do not employ generalists, account managers, or social media specialists who are pulled in to work on your strategy.  We operate in a structure that is more flat, which allows us to attract and nurture ongoing individual expertise in all of the components that combine to build up a stable, long-term strategy.

We Have a Breadth of Data on What Converts Well

Because we are working with a number of firms at a given time, we have a large, data-backed knowledge base on what strategies convert well and the order with which they should be implemented. This also allows us to more quickly get you to a point where you are generating calls.

Because everything we do is backed by data, you are also able to benefit from our experience in other geographies in terms of specific patterns, what content topics convert, what visibility is important, and elements of websites that have been proven to convert well. This access to large data sets from a variety of geographies also allows us to identify real-time patterns in terms of what Google likes (and doesn’t’ like) in terms of quality, intent and ranking factors – which is now crucially important.

We Care

This one seems obvious, but 99% of the conversations that we have with firm owners begin with something similar to:

“My agency used to be good, but now it seems like the owner is more interested in coaching than actually providing value.”

“I think my agency got too big (or lost too many clients) and they can’t handle the work anymore.”

“I just don’t feel the love with my current agency.”

For us, the work product and the results are our core focus.  Our leadership is not interested in creating a podcast or building up an agency with the primary goal of selling it off.  Our only interest is you.  If you come to us with a system that is broken, we will not stop until it is fixed.   If  your practice changes, we will not stop until you are generating leads.   We hold ourselves to the same level of scrutiny that you would.

Beyond that, we only take on clients when we have the bandwidth to provide a good work product.  We are not selling first, staffing later.  If we don’t have the capacity in terms of man hours to move the needle for you, we would much rather refer you to another agency than take on the work and not staff it appropriately.

We Help You Manage Costs

We offer easy-to-understand fixed-cost engagements that allow you to predict and manage cash flow and operations.

You Retain the Control

We also do not act as intermediaries for your assets. We set everything up in your name and manage them for you with delegated access. We can also help you regain control of your web properties and assets if another agency is holding them hostage.  Our goal is not to make $100/month off of you to manage the hosting of your website, our goal is to have every month be your best month ever in terms of leads generated from the web.

On a side note, if your agency is holding your assets hostage – run.

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