SEO for Law Firms + Attorneys

Search engine optimization (or SEO) refers to the search marketing techniques and strategies that allow your law firm to be found online by potential clients at the exact time they are looking for legal assistance and have a strong intent to hire an attorney. SEO combined with a targeted content strategy is the most stable form of digital marketing that you can employ as part of your law firm’s overall digital strategy.

Is “Law Firm SEO” different than general SEO?

There are some unique considerations when it comes to providing SEO services for law firms or attorneys. The online search landscape for legal service providers is extremely competitive (one of the most competitive niches on the internet), making it difficult to generate leads without a well-honed and well-planned strategy from an agency that has produced results for other firms. The time involvement to execute on that plan is another reason why selecting an experienced agency is essential. Many agencies who are not experienced in generating business for law firms will waste hundreds of man hours trying to figure it out through trial-and-error while the client pays them for that on-the-job training. This scenario can cost you budget , but more importantly, costs you time (sometimes months or years) that you could have been generating clients.

Bernie Clark, the Founder of Majux, spent 15 years in Marketing Leadership roles at litigation and full-service law firms in New York and Philadelphia. He has sat in your seat as the consumer of business development and marketing services. That, alongside our track record of providing real results (leads) for our clients has made Majux one of the industry leaders in providing online marketing services in the legal industry. Best yet, by partnering with us, you don’t need to worry about learning emerging best practices for technical website optimization, creating content or dictating strategy. You can focus on servicing your clients while we work on filling your funnel with quality leads – all you have to do is handle the intake for all the new clients we are about to send your way.  

SEO / Inbound Marketing


  • Research/Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • GMB Listing Optimization
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Onsite Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Technical SEO
  • Tracking/Reporting

Why is SEO important for law firms?

There are many reasons why attorneys and law firms should be investing in a solid SEO strategy. Some of the benefits of implementing a well-balanced SEO and content strategy include:

Competing law firms and lawyers are using SEO and content marketing strategies

If you’re not already devoting marketing resources towards attracting new clients online, you’re late to the game. Now more than ever, your competitors are taking market share by investing in SEO strategy. In the last fifteen years, an entire generation of individuals and executives who are in a position to purchase legal services (either within their organization or on their own) has become knowledgeable and comfortable doing their research online. People use the internet every day to conduct research to make help them purchase decisions. If you’re not SEO strategies, you are letting your competition dominate the search space – making your business nearly invisible.

Traditional law firm marketing strategies aren’t enough to generate new leads anymore

Historically, traditional marketing techniques and word-of-mouth was enough to get new clients for your law firm. However, in today’s hyper-connected age, a solid digital marketing and SEO strategy is critical to generating leads and increasing revenue. There are few people who have a lawyer on hand when a need for legal assistance arises. These people will begin the process of searching, evaluating, and choosing an attorney or law firm completely online. If you’re only relying on traditional or non-digital marketing strategies to generate new leads, you are essentially nonexistent to these searchers.

Local customers are searching for legal services nearby

When you employ a focused SEO and content strategy, you are able to target local clients that are more likely to actually use your services. We often have law firms reach out to us who are generating a large amount of traffic but not getting any new clients.  When we dig into what is going on, we find that their current agency is chasing traffic rather than potential clients in their state who can actually hire them.  Even worse, what if a potential client in the the real world was referred to you and they couldn’t find you on the web? What if when they search for you, all of your competitors’ information came up instead? That would be disasterous.  You would be giving away market share.

SEO Results That Matter

Our solutions are tailored to fit your firm’s size, practice areas, location, and budget. We continually update the metrics below which average the first 6 months of results for every lawyer we’ve worked with over the years (last updated February of 2019).

The Importance of a User Friendly Website

is pagespeed important for lawyers

Check Website Speed

Have you measured the speed of your website? If not, plug your URL in Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool – you might be disappointed.

Here’s a sobering statistic straight from Google: as your page load time increases from 1 second to 5 seconds, the probability of a web user “bouncing,” or abandoning your site without engaging, increases by 90%. No matter how you look at it, you are losing cases by having a slow website.

We have a sophisticated method for speeding up your site – we minimize unnecessary scripts, compress images, check on your hosting and content delivery network (CDN) quality, and much more. All other things equal, the fastest website wins.

How’s the Mobile Version of Your Law Firm’s Website?

When was the last time you looked at the mobile version of your site? Beyond that, have you compared the way it looks on Android devices and Apple devices? What about on an iPad? Websites have to be optimized for every device, and if your web design looks wrong on iPhones, for instance, you could be bleeding leads faster than you realize.

Per Statista, 52% of Google searches came from mobile devices in 2019, and that number has grown every year. Businesses selling directly to consumers — law firms, for instance — will see an even higher percentage of their traffic coming from mobile devices.

We have a full suite of testing devices at our office, and we also carefully track how many users are visiting our clients’ sites from which devices. Our developers then tweak and optimize websites as necessary.

Do Your Site’s Conversion Elements Make Sense?

Web visitors are more fickle than you can imagine; your user experience (UX) has to be seamless, simple, and basically perfect. Competition for legal leads on the web is at an all-time high, so if your phone number isn’t clickable or if your testimonials page is hard to find, you’ll probably lose that potential case to someone else.

When we inherit an existing site, we set up behavior tracking so we can see how long people are staying on one page, how they navigate through the site, and where they are “falling off” in their customer journey.

If visitors land on your homepage and quickly leave, we recognize that as a red flag — and we take action accordingly.

Here’s an example of a behavior flow in Google Analytics:

We use data like this to see where visitors are landing, where they go next, and at which point they ultimately leave the site or pick up the phone.

The Importance of a Content Strategy to Your Law Firm’s SEO

Your potential clients are researching legal matters online – are they reading your content, or that of your competitors? If you don’t answer their question, someone else will, and those readers will be far more likely to call the law firm who has authoritative content on their specific legal issue.

We Know What People Are Asking

Fortunately, we have scripts and tools at our disposal that tell us what people are searching for online. How many people are searching for “what are the statute of limitations on personal injury cases in Illinois?”? We can find out and prioritize that page accordingly. There are thousands of phrases and questions that your future clients are researching, and you want to be the firm that provides them with answers online.

Even Google’s SERP features provide a goldmine of information:

There’s no excuse – failing to create a robust content strategy is akin to flushing money down the toilet.

Cleaning Up Existing Content

Do you have old, out-dated, or blank pages (“zombie” pages) buried on your website? Google judges the quality of the content and pages on your site, and if you have 100-word blog posts from 2010 buried in your site structure, Google will devalue your site.

We can crawl your site, identify problematic content, and re-optimize it with rewrites, redirects, or other means — this often has a direct effect on your keyword rankings.

Do You Have an Intuitive Funnel?

Have you thought about how to reach people early and late in the shopping process? If someone searches for “can I sue Uber for an accident injury,” they are relatively high in the funnel. On the other hand, if they search for “auto accident lawyer near me,” they are ready to call you right now.

Both types of visitor are important. Your content strategy should target web users at every stage in the buying journey, and if they didn’t hear about you when they were early on in the research phase, they won’t be as inclined to call you when they see your bottom-of-the-funnel search advertisements or organic listings. This certainly includes your advertising and retargeting strategy, but from an SEO perspective, you have to address people in the research, consideration, and buying phases.

Ramping Up Your Digital PR Game

Google rewards websites that are getting cited online. Do you have a strategy for getting links and mentions across the web?

In short, a link back to your website is a vote in Google’s eyes — the more votes you have, and the more reputable the website that is providing that vote, the better your site will rank. And how, exactly, is a law firm supposed to acquire these links?

Firstly, we use tools to find where your competitors have earned links, and we figure out how to match their “backlink profile.” Then, we create a proactive thought leadership plan that allows us to get you quoted in publications. We have a number of other strategies for building reputable, whitehat backlinks to your site, but the gist remains — you need to get your name out there so Google can reward you accordingly.

Public Relations and Content Marketing for 2020

Public relations has become more than just submitting a press release every few weeks – content marketing has become an integral part of any digital marketing campaign.  Further, it is crucial to manage a content marketing campaign in such a way that it benefits your SEO efforts.  We’ve spent years pruning an extensive list of media contacts which we can use to establish you as an expert in your field and provide your website with traffic and links – crucial to any SEO or search marketing efforts.  When managed correctly, SEO and and ‘real-world’ marketing efforts seamlessly benefit.

Why is this Important?

The idea of article placement is to broadcast yourself beyond the scope of your own site. You want people visiting Website X to see a guest post that came from you, and then to enjoy your content so much that they follow a link back to your website.

How does article placement help you? There are two major reasons that article placement is beneficial, no matter what industry you’re working in.

  1. It builds recognition and authority.  It’s not a huge leap in logic to think that the more places you appear on the internet, the more opportunities people have to see your name. External websites provides a great supplement to any traffic that might come directly to your site.
  2. It builds up citations and backlinks. Citations are mentions of your site which appear on other sites, even where an actual link isn’t present. Backlinks are links back to your site from other sites. Citations and backlinks are viewed favorably by SEO algorithms, and they also help to usher visitors your way.

Here’s the problem. You’re busy running your business. You don’t have time to come up with a robust content marketing strategy, let alone actually writing, handling outreach, or sending articles. After all, you’re most likely not a writer — that’s not what you got into your line of work to accomplish.

Nonetheless, you want to boost your rankings and traffic, and you know guest posts are important to reach that goal. What to do?

It’s Not Just About Article Placement

We provide a balanced approach of public relations, wherein not only are we interacting with web editors on your behalf, we can also create high-value content for use on your own site that is more likely to become a resource for your field and be shared organically both on other websites and social networks.

The other bit of good news is that we already have existing relationships with the editors of well-traveled and popular websites in a wide variety of niches across the globe.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Majux can accommodate your company’s content marketing, article placement, or digital public relations needs, drop us a line.

Local SEO for Attorneys

Per Google’s 2018 data, “[item] Near Me” searches had grown 150%+ over the previous two years. That’s another trend that will only continue to grow, and you need to adapt your web strategy accordingly.

That said, are you competing for localized searches in your area? You might be ranking well in the organic search engine results pages, but are you in the Map Pack?

You’d better believe that the law firms ranking in this screenshot are getting most of the calls:

If you want to rank well for “near me” searches, you’ll have to build instances across the web of your name, address, and phone number (NAP) – we call these “citations.” You’ll also have to have the right localized content, an optimized Google My Business listing, and an authoritative website. If you want to get more local leads, give us a call; we’ll ramp up your local SEO game and make your marketing more profitable.

Citations aren’t just for writing academic papers. When it comes to customers finding you on the web, a “citation,” sometimes called a “web reference,” is any mention of the name and address of your business which appears on another website (and does not necessarily have to contain a backlink). These citations are important for the ranking of your Google Places (now sometimes called Google Plus Local) listing.

This is the listing that appears for some localized search results, typically in spots 3-8 on Google’s results page. Local profiles also show on mobile and mapped search results. The more citations you can rack up, the better for the health of your Google Local profile. Citations show that other individuals and companies are aware of you, and that your information is correct — they demonstrate to search engine algorithms that real human beings verified that you exist. The trick is knowing where to obtain these citations and the time involved with the sheer volume of citations that are necessary.

Google Local Optimization

At Majux, we have the expertise to monitor and tailor your citations to reap maximum benefits for your business. Some of our citation optimization services include:

  • Onsite Optimization
  • Google+ Local Listing Optimization
  • Citation Analysis

The Importance of Local Citations

Experts agree that up to 25% of how your business ranks locally is citation-based. The more relevant, high-quality citations your business can score, the better it’s going to be for your SEO rankings — period. At Majux, we know how to manage, build, and create citations to spread awareness of your brand to both human customers and search engine algorithms. We work to make sure that:

  • Google local laptopyour citations appear on relevant, trusted websites
  • your citations aren’t being duplicated
  • your citations are all an exact match

Local Citation Cleanup

When it comes to citation clean-up, consistency is key. Has your business ever moved?  Has a phone number or email address ever changed?  It could even be something more minor, like listing “St.” in one location and “Street” in another.  Majux works to ensure that your citations are neat, clean, and consistent.  With a set of strong, polished citations supporting you, your site and your business will be able to climb higher in the ranks than ever before. 

Blending it All Together to Project Trustworthiness on Your Website

This is closely related to the section on UX above, but it’s important that you communicate authority, successes, and years of experience online. Studies have shown that prospective legal customers are more interested in your years of experience than they are about fees or professional affiliations, so if you’ve been practicing for many years, that information should be front and center on your website.

Google reviews are also a critical determining factor for customers, even more so than Avvo, Yelp, and other mediums (ideally, you’d have reviews on every aggregator possible).

We can also code your review ratings into your website so that they show in the organic SERPs:

Law Firm SEO with Majux

Majux has quickly grown into one of the preeminent digital agencies for law firms in the country. We have successfully obtained coverage for our law firm clients in major national online and print publications. You may have seen them featured in Newsweek, Vice, BuzzFeed, The New York Times,, The American Bar Journal, The Huffington Post, USA Today, Forbes, and other sites.

How is Majux Different than Other SEO Agencies that Focus on Law Firms?

We know every SEO agency promises to get you listed on the first page of Google and increase traffic to your website. To us, this is just a feeder to what really matters – qualified calls and contact form completions from potential clients. That is why we call these metrics “vanity metrics”.  

For instance, there is a common complaint we hear when new law firms contact us: their current agency was able to increase the number of visitors to the website, but that traffic did not produce high-quality, prospective clients. Many SEO agencies are producing (and reporting on) these vanity metrics – which are ultimately all for show. Is the extra traffic to your attorney or law firm site worth your investment if it does not result in any real results: real phone calls, real emails, and ultimately, real clients seeking your legal services?

Majux can offer law firms and attorneys something the other agencies can’t: a full-solution marketing strategy focused on building revenue and attracting new clients for your practice.

We are a Fulfillment House

Differently than other agencies that outsource aspects of their work product or services, we do everything in house.  That means each person who touches your campaign is an employee of Majux and is sitting together in our office in Philadelphia, PA.  In fact, our team is so talented, that we whitelabel services for many other agencies around the country.  

For our clients, this means that we are able to pivot in near-real time and do whatever it takes to make your firm successful.  If you are working with an agency that acts in a project management outsource management capacity, you may be waiting for next month’s engagement to tick over before they can start a new piece of your campaign or build something new.  That is because the budget for outsourcing talent is rigid and often spent a month ahead of time.  Guess what – if you need something urgently, it can’t happen if your agencies outsourcing budget is spent for that month.  Sometimes even waiting one week for a new piece of content or strategy is long enough to get left behind because another firm’s agency beat you to it.  We are able to work in real-time, and not only react quickly to market or competitive developments, but also be proactive in getting out ahead of them.  

Tracking SEO Results for Your Law Firm – We are CRAZY for Data

Another common complaint that we hear when a firm first gets in touch is how the management has no idea what is being done, what is being tracked, and/or whether what they are being told is true.  At Majux, data is at the core of every decision we make.  We build fully customized dashboards for our clients that can report on any KPI that you find useful – full call data, form fills, the performance of specific pages or content areas, retargeting vs. display advertising vs. paid search, sponsorship campaigns, etc.  These dashboards are hooked directly up to the raw sources of your data and are able to be accessed at any time. This keeps us honest and gives you the data that you need when it is convenient for you.  You wil never have to wonder if your agency is spinning bad results, or worse, outright lying to you.

We Work with Law Firms of All Stages

Whether you have just broken off to create your own firm or already have an online marketing strategy in place, we can help. We’ve helped attorneys launch new practices, run national practices, increase perceived authority in a practice area, and get new clients in narrowly-focused and emerging areas of litigation. We start with your clearly-expressed goals and custom-tailor a solution to achieve those goals.

Don’t Get Locked into a Long-Term SEO Contract

If you’ve worked with a large law firm SEO agency before, you may have been a victim of being held hostage with no results. Sometimes, these agencies will hold onto your digital assets (essentially making you rent them back) or lock you into long-term contracts. A long-term contract can be outright dangerous to the long-term stability of your law firm.

In the digital world, UX and customer expectations are constantly evolving. Google is constantly changing how they evaluate websites. Your potential clients are changing the way they interact with websites. Phone manufacturers are creating devices with new widths that change the way your website appears and potential clients interact with it.

If you’re locked into a long-term contract, as these changes occur, you’re often getting up-charged for now-necessary tasks that fall outside of the “current scope” of your project. We’ve had to rebuild a large number of websites for firms nearly overnight as a result of a large national marketing agency taking their website down when a decision was made to stop paying them for producing no results.

When you work with us, you own all of your assets – your website, your domain, your hosting, your call tracking, everything. You are not renting anything from us.

Our Average Client Relationship Age is 4+ Years

We recently calculated the average life of our entire client base.  That average was 3.5 years – and that’s only because we have so many clients that have recently made the choice to leave their old agency and switch to Majux. We have several clients that have been with us since the beginning of our company eight years ago .  We are proud to have a 90% client retention rate year-over-year and honored to take that statistic as a testament to the partnerships that we have built with our clients and the real results we provide for them.  To that effect, we prefer to let the results we produce make the case for you wanting to work with us. That is why all of our engagements are on a 60-day termination. If we don’t produce results; you can leave, but that doesn’t happen very often.

A Different Approach to Internet Marketing and SEO for Law Firms

At Majux, you get to partner with a team experienced in driving real revenue for national and regional law firms. Partner with us  so you can focus on servicing your clients rather than filling your funnel.

To get in contact with us fill out the contact form below or give us a call at (215) 309-1631.

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