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SEO for Law Firms


SEO + inbound content marketing is the most stable form of digital marketing that you can have as a part of your law firm’s overall strategy. Partner with us and focus on servicing clients rather than filling your funnel.

Your Competition is Using SEO + Content to Get New Clients

If you still don’t think your competition is devoting marketing resources toward attracting clients online, Google your practice area – see who shows up. You might be surprised at who is devoting resources to attracting clients from the web. Now disregard that fact for a second (just because your competition is doing something isn’t necessarily enough of a reason to jump in yourself.)  Think about this instead – in the last fifteen years, an entire generation of individuals and executives who are in a position to purchase legal services (either within their organization or on their own) has become knowledgeable and comfortable doing their research on the web.  Cost and importance are no longer a concern when it comes to online purchasing.  People research everything from life-dependant decisions such as which surgeon to use to seemingly mindless decisions such as which restaurant to go to.

It’s almost counter-intuitive to think that those same individuals or business owners wouldn’t devote some amount of time to selecting and evaluating an attorney prior to hiring them. Even outside of a cold-search, such as in the instance of a referral, nearly every potential client does some amount of secondary research on their own.

SEO / Inbound Marketing


  • Research/Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • GMB Listing Optimization
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Onsite Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Technical SEO
  • Tracking/Reporting

Do You Work with an SEO Agency that is Not Producing Results?

Unfortunately, a major issue in the online legal marketing space is that there simply are not enough agencies that are good at actually generating new clients for firms.  Sure, there are a large number of agencies that have produced results in other industries or that can increase traffic metrics. What we often hear from law firms that contact us is that these agencies simply don’t end up producing results in the form of real, high-quality prospective clients.  What they do often end up producing are what we refer to as “vanity metrics.”

Has Your Law Firm Been Through 2-3 SEO Agencies with No Results?

An agency said all the right things, perhaps produced some results early on, but was not able to sustain or grow market share or client generation for the firm.  This is sometimes caused by an agency being singularly good at one aspect of a campaign (such as technical SEO or social media), but not having a well-balanced team or expertise in multiple disciplines (such as marketing strategy, conversion optimization, UX, or content strategy).  When we dig into it, many of these agencies are often outsourcing work product, which in the best case doesn’t allow for consistency or quality control; and in the worst case, causes fulfillment issues.  What happens is that their singular expertise causes an initial uptick in activity but that activity stagnates or slows down once that expertise has been exhausted. Then the law firm will go with another agency that is good in a different discipline, where that underlying issue is rinsed-and-repeated.  How do you get your law firm out of this costly and time-intensive loop?

A Balanced, In-House Expertise and Skill Set is Essential to Long-Term Success

This is why our agency is structured differently than other agencies in the space.  We place more of an emphasis on assembling team members that are very good at what they do.  We do not employ generalists, account managers, or social media specialists who are pulled in to work on your strategy.  We operate in a structure that is more flat, which allows us to attract and nurture ongoing individual expertise in all of the components that combine to build up a stable, long-term strategy.

Was Your Law Firm Forced/Exhausted into Choosing the “Safe” Option of a Large Legal SEO Agency

A second situation that we see often and is far worse for the client than our first scenario.  Many of the larger, legal-focused agencies save cost and streamline process by reproducing the same strategy and website aesthetic for clients.  Often, these clients are in the same geographic market.  What this results in is a cookie-cutter approach that is often out-dated and at odds with the actual nuts-and-bolts of what goes into generating leads for their clients (more on that below).  The worst part, you are overpaying for the ‘luxury’ of working with the large agencies.

Are You Being Held Hostage with No Results?

Worse, a couple of the less-scrupled large agencies hold your digital assets hostage or lock you into ridiculously long-term contracts.  The use of the word “ridiculously” is not hyperbole.  A 3-year SEO or web design contract can be downright dangerous to the long-term stability of your firm.  That is because of the pace at which things change in our world.  Not just in how Google evaluates websites, but also in changes to how potential clients interact with websites.  Apple could (and will) come out with a new iPhone that is a different width or loads different types of JS differently and all of the sudden you need to overhaul your site.

Having a client locked in for three years means that these large agencies can either coast or upcharge you for tasks that become necessary as the internet evolves but might ‘fall outside’ of your current ‘scope.’  Both of those scenarios are directly-opposed to their being motivated to produce results in a sustained, long-term manner. What’s even worse, is that a firm realizes this, it is often too late and in order to get out, they have to forfeit their site files and the work that has been done up to that point.  I cannot tell you how many websites we have had to rebuild almost overnight in order to combat a large agency taking a law firm’s website down.

“A 3-year SEO or web design contract can be downright dangerous to the long-term stability of your firm.”

We prefer to let the results we produce make the case for your wanting to work with us – and produce results is what we do.  That is why all of our engagements are on sixty-day terminations and we enjoy a 90% client retention rate. Our engagements are also structured so that you own all of your own assets – the website, your domain, your hosting, your call tracking, everything.  You are not “renting” anything from us.

Should You Choose a Law Firm SEO Agency that Works with Your Competitors?

Is the agency you are considering working with your competition?  You can check this simply by asking a prospective marketing agency who else they work with in your market and performing a Google search for them.  Which firm are they going to work on ‘harder?’  Are they going to let your firm hire them to take away the market share that they have already charged your competitor to build?  Would they then turn around and do the same thing to you?  There are only so many eyes that you can compete for in a given geographic market.  This is especially true in the paid advertising space, which is more of a zero-sum strategy.

You would much rather have an agency who is both competent and not working with your competition. That way, you can be assured that their success is reliant on taking market share away from your competition, rather than managing who gets what and for what cost.

If we have given a firm exclusivity, we do not work with competing firms whose primary office location overlaps in the same county and all exclusivity rights are clearly outlined in our engagements.

“You would much rather have an agency who is both competent and not working with your competition. That way, you can be assured that their success is reliant on taking market share away from your competition, rather than managing who gets what and for what cost.”

SEO Results That Matter

Our solutions are tailored to fit your firm’s size, practice areas, location, and budget. We continually update the metrics below which average the first 6 months of results for every lawyer we’ve worked with over the years (last updated November of 2017).

So ask yourself these questions:

Is the money you spent on a website worth it if no one can find you?
What would happen if a potential client was referred to you and they couldn’t find you on the web?
What would happen if they searched for you and all of your competitor’s accolades came up ahead of yours?

Here’s a bigger question: Are your marketing dollars being spent properly if they are not part of a larger, coordinated marketing effort that integrates website conversion, SEO, content, PR, local rankings, and paid search? Clients don’t find legal services in a vacuum and firms don’t make it in front of potential clients by accident (especially in a competitive market.) It takes a coordinated effort.

Increase the Visibility of Your Law Firm’s Website

Whether you have a website, are blogging, or already have an online marketing strategy in place, we can help you become better known in any practice you’d like. We’ve helped attorneys launch new practices, run nationally-known blogs, increase perceived authority in a practice area, and get new clients in narrowly-focused litigation practices. We start with your clearly-expressed goals and custom-tailor a solution to achieve those goals.

Increase the Quantity and Quality of New Clients

Beyond other SEO companies that promise to get you listed on the front page of Google and increase traffic to your website, we can offer something else they can’t, a full-solution marketing strategy that is constantly churning in the background while you concentrate on your practice. That is because we focus on new clients. How we get there is by providing all the tools that any national firm with a fully-staffed internal marketing department would use – web, content, conversion, PR, SEO, social – whatever makes clients find you.

Leveraging Content Marketing and Media Mentions

We have successfully obtained coverage for our law firm clients in major national online and print publications. You may have seen them featured in NewsWeek, Vice, BuzzFeed, The New York Times,, The American Bar Journal, The Huffington Post, USA Today, Forbes, and other sites. This not only helps visibility from an SEO perspective but also helps build trust for our clients as nationally-recognized leaders in their practice fields. The other benefit is that national coverage builds trust between your practice and potential clients who visit your site.  It does not matter how large your practice is, we can get you visibility on the local, industry-specific and national stage.

A Different Approach to Internet Marketing and SEO for Law Firms

What you get in Majux is an outsourced digital marketing company which was founded by two partners who spent a collective 15 years as the Marketing Directors of national and regional practice law firms. That’s what differentiates us from other digital marketing companies. We have a proven track record working with lawyers across almost all areas of practice, including commercial litigation, corporate law, trusts and estates, medical malpractice, criminal defense, and plaintiff’s personal injury. We have worked with clients from across the world and across practice areas. So drop us a line and see how we can revolutionize your marketing strategy. We’ll be your outsourced digital marketing solution – your secret weapon.

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