How to Improve Conversions on Your Law Firm Website

We regularly cover strategies to help attorneys get more web visits and get better placement in the Google search results for law firms, but what is sometimes overlooked is how you can turn those visits into a steady stream of new files.

The term used for this sort of interaction is “conversion”. Think of it as turning someone who is just browsing your site into someone who fills out a form, clicks on a call to action, or dials your number for a consultation. And with all the tweaks Google has been making to its algorithm lately, converting your web visitors into leads  is as important as ever.  You may be up in one particular search result one day and down the next while Google tests an algorithm change and you adapt your ranking strategies.  Lead conversion is no longer a pure numbers game.  Targeted traffic directed to pages that are created to convert is becoming the new norm for law firms.

3 Simple Strategies to Improving the Number of Conversions on Your Site:

Place Your Phone Number in the Top Right of Your Website

Most people expect to see contact information in the top right of a website, much like a header on official documents. If your contact info is at the top right of every page on your site, it will maximize exposure. Additionally, if you keep the number as plain text, smart phone users (including iPhones and Android devices) have the ability to click directly on a telephone number and place a call. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Specifically-Targeted Practice Areaa

It’s true that a great deal of firms have several practice areas, but a website is best utilized when these practice areas are focused in the content, description, and titles. Search engines will notice when a site is discussing multiple subjects such as personal injury, bankruptcy, criminal defense and divorce and will typically rank that site lower than one that is focused in a specific practice area. Beyond web search rankings, an eclectic website can also put off potential clients. Most people seek specialized help, and a focused website can reassure a potential client that your firm has a greater amount of experience in the practice area pertaining to their specific issue.

Funnel Your Leads

This process helps lead a visitor to the area of your site they are interested in. The goal is to choose a few areas in your practice that you want to highlight. Create links or buttons near the top of your page that general visitors to your site will recognize. To give you an idea, a family law attorney could choose links for “Getting a Divorce”, “Contesting a Divorce” or “Custody Dispute”. As soon as a visitor reaches the site, they are naturally led to choose the button that applies to their situation. This will lead them to a page that summarizes your firm’s approach to the problem, along with a contact form to put them in touch with you. Some firms may be hesitant to place buttons so prevalently at the top of their website, but this approach has proven very effective.

In the end, converting visitors into potential clients is all about communicating well. Highlight your specialties and your identity, and make getting in contact with you as easy possible. Ultimately the goal is getting a volume of new files that allows you to grow your practice, and that only happen if someone contacts you.

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