Some people think that social media is just a trend, to use a technical term those people are “wrong”. Social media is a powerful and growing business force. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these numbers from Search Engine Journal:

  • Facebook grew from 1 million user in 2004 to 1.15 billion users in 2010
  • Twitter grew from 6 million users in 2008 to 554.7 million users in 2012
  • Google Plus grew from 400 million users in 2011 users to 1 billion users in 2012

No matter what vertical your business competes in, you have potential customers on social media. Every day these potential customers discuss problems that your business solves, and they build connections with companies and individuals. Your business needs to be the place customers come to have their problems solved on social media, and they need to feel a connection with your business.  However, you may fall into the category of business owners who signed up for social media accounts with great enthusiasm only to let the accounts wither and die like a banana on a sunny counter. I propose that this be the year that you get back on the saddle and promote your business with social media. I want to help you, so here are three strategies to promote your business on social media:

1. Promote Your Agenda By Promoting Their Agenda


How To Promote Your Small Business With Social Media


Social media seems chaotic and random, but in reality it is not. Social media is a conscientious choice that a person or company makes. Every post, tweet and Google plus update has an agenda behind it. Potential customers may post because they want attention, because they want to increase their follower count, because they want you to vote for them in a contest, or a variety of other reasons. Once you figure out their agenda – make it your business to help them advance their agenda. As you help them advance their agenda they feel a sense of connection and even debt to your company. Then, when promote your business on social media (your agenda), they are more likely to retweet, participate in contests, or like your posts.


2. Your Blog Is Your Rock




When we do consulting on social media, companies often understand that it is good to promote their audiences agenda ,but do not know what kind of posts to create about their companies. The best advice that I can give is to get into the discipline of blogging at least once a week, and promote your blog posts on social networks. Your blog posts say what you need to about your company. Your blog is your rock and here is why: social media networks make choices based on what is best for them and you are at their mercy. Especially facebook, which is basically the kid on the block who says, “If you don’t like it, I will take my ball and go home”. Facebook makes changes and you just have to deal with them This is the opposite of your blog, which you are completely in control of. Create well written blogs that provide value to your potential audience and promote those blogs on social media. If you look at successful social media accounts they are often promoting their own blogs. This makes sense as it is more engaging for a potential customer to click on a link to a blog that offers value then to just post “Hey, we have a new product”. Another advantage of utilizing blogs to promote your business on social media is – blogs are where you capture leads. On any blog page, put a call to action at the bottom that takes a customer to an offer that they need to provide information to receive.

Bonus: If your blogs are any good than your audience will share them, which increases your credibility.

3. Be Consistent

In this age of digital media your potential customer is constantly bombarded by new messages. Studies suggest that the average consumer sees about 5,000 marketing messages per day. Every post, YouTube video, and tweet constantly fights for their attention, and that includes your posts. Their social media feeds move quickly, and posts are forgotten even quicker. To stay current you need to post consistently, rather than just one day creating an avalanche of content.  I see this often where a business owner just decides to basically go crazy on social media one day. The outcome of this “avalanche” is  they annoy and lose the couple of social media fans that they actually have! Posting consistently allows you to stay top of mind for you consumer and show up in their streams. It also allows you to build a habit of posting, which is important. Habits and discipline make you better at digital marketing. To use a baseball analogy for social media: you are not looking to hit a home run with every post – you want to be more like Tony Gwynn and consistently get on base.

How have you promoted your business on social media? What is your favorite network?

Adam Lundquist (@adamlundquist) is the Paid Search Director at Majux Marketing a Philadelphia based digital marketing company. He was Santa Barbara’s #1 Morning Show Host, an Army soldier, and recently a Harvard graduate. Adam cuts through the marketing noise to create digital marketing campaigns with clear business oriented goals and objectives. He has been featured in The Harvard Gazette, Search Engine Journal, Mtv, Vh1, Sports Illustrated, and Moz.