In my latest guest post I wrote about some strategies for how to optimize your PPC campaign for Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday takes place on November 30th and  is when many online retailers have their most profitable day. In fact, last year Cyber Monday generated $40 billion dollars…..that is $40 billion dollars in one day.

You want to optimize for Cyber Monday because there is a massive uptick in searches and these searches come from users who are statistically much more likely to make a purchase online.

You can check the article on the PPC blog WordStream.


This post covers:

  1. What is Cyber Monday and where are the opportunities
  2. How to create a deal for Cyber Monday
  3. Where to strategically place the copy about the deal both in the ads and in the landing pages
  4. How to change your bidding and budgeting strategy to reflect the increased competition
  5. What you want to test to make sure your Cyber Monday goes off without a hitch
  6. Real world examples

Head on over to WordStream to check it out.