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In my latest guest post I discuss how to write high quality clickable ads, no matter what network you are on. While there are certainly differences and quirks in each network (facebook, Google, twitter, etc.) there are certain strategies and techniques which help you both align with the network as well as your potential customer’s online.

The strategies in the article help you:

  • Lower your cost per click
  • Increase the number of qualified clicks you do receive
  • Choose what ad copy to utilize

You can check the article on the marketing blog Search Engine Journal.


This post covers:

  1. Why you need to align with the ad networks
  2. How to align with not only the networks, but also the users
  3. A brief history of why networks evolved the way they did
  4. How to split test your ads
  5. Why it is important to recognize where the user is at in the buying cycle
  6. The importance of being as specific as possible

Head on over to Search Engine Journal to check it out.