Websites are already starting to roll out their 2015 April Fools jokes and what better reason to throw any semblance of productivity away in order to keep track of this year’s jokes.  While plenty of webmasters are still on the edge of their seats waiting for April to actually begin, plenty of companies this year are getting a head start.  If you’ve come across any April Fools pranks feel free to contact us in the comments with any additions and we’ll be happy to update them.

Google – Pacman Enabled Google Maps

What better way to kill time when you should be finding directions than a quick round of PacMan?  Displaying a clear understanding of timezones, Google has already pushed at least one of it’s April Fools jokes live today, with the earliest report we could find courtesy of

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As of this afternoon (March 31st) Google enabled a the new feature by adding a small “PacMan” view button to the lower right of Google Maps where you’d normally see satellite or street view.  The feature is enabled in almost all versions of Google Maps and surely represents the pinnacle in human satellite and navigation technology.

Google Australia – The Equator Is Slipping

Google Australia recently updated their Australian Blog with the news that the Earth’s equator is slipping south at a rate of 25km per year.  Very alarming news for the nations residing north of the equator, as it’s well known that there’s incredible amounts of tension that exist between countries above and below the equator.

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According to the video uploaded by Vertiasium, current models predict Australia’s northern edge breaking the equator as early as 2055.

Samsung – The Samsung Blade

Chefs have always been an underserved market in the tech world, so restaurants around the world are excited to hear the launch of the Samsung Blade.

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Per Samsung’s announcement page:

“Samsung is proud to announce the world’s first smart knife with smartphone capabilities, the Galaxy BLADE edge. Galaxy BLADE edge is the ultimate cooking companion, made with the modern chef in mind. Building on the expertise it has already displayed with its Chef Collection series, Samsung is taking its commitment to culinary expertise and cutting-edge technology even further – literally.”

While this seems like the perfect tool for a chef, there’s always the negatives to consider.  Is this the right phone to pull out when you want to film that cop that just pulled you over?  Now that the risks of dropping your phone include a clear risk of amputation, should your blade-screen cracking really be your first concern?

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Kogan – Celebrity Purchases Revealed

Online retailer Kogan has finally scratched that celebrity itch so many online shoppers are missing – what are celebrities buying and how can I finally let that influence my buying decision?  Thanks to Kogan’s pop-ups, visitors the site can view the recent purchases of more than 15 celebs.

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LifeHacker was the first to report on the April Fools joke, and they have been kind of enough to screenshot most of the celebrity purchases.  As of now the feature is limited to the Australian site, but I have no doubts it’ll be rolling out soon to other retailers.

 (Update) Google Japan – Google Panda Unveiled

Possibly one of the first times the phrase “Google Panda” has been uttered without an SEO cringe, Google Japan unveiled it’s quirky new product to the masses – Google Panda.  With little concern about thin content, this incarnation of Google Panda has already been lauded by spammers worldwide.

Amazon – Retro Store

Amazon throws it back this year by bringing back one of their earlier designs and really pushing the joke gear.  The overlay is only appearing when you first visit, and then you’re quietly sent to their original design.


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Hulu – Hulu Pets

One of my favorites so far, Hulu Pets is Hulu’s strong entrance into the world of pet entertainment.  I honestly wish a few of these shows would make it to air – The Real Pugs of Portland would make it to my DVR.

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CERN – The Force Exists…

CERN announced that their researchers have just confirmed the existence of the Force.  Now if this were true not only would Star Wars fans everywhere be jumping for joy, but Luke’s across the globe would also have a great comeback for that classic line we all inevitably hear during an introduction.

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We’ll be updating this post as April 1st hits the US and Europe.  If you have any pranks or jokes that you think deserve the list (and credit) let us know in the comments.