The advantages of SEO and marketing on the internet boil down to a few unique factors.

One of the major factors is how easy to track all of the information has become.  Nearly every facet of a website interaction can be tracked in some form.  A business has near immediate access to data that shows: how and where a visitor arrived, where they went, the amount of time that visitor spent on the site, and much, much more.

The cost of data vs. market research

This data allows businesses to gauge the relative success of various approaches, and arrive at a solution that works for them and their business organically.  If an initial strategy is not yielding a huge increase in page views or conversions, data can be used to try and assess why that is.  Was the page difficult to navigate?  Perhaps there was a particular bottleneck that can be weeded out with a thorough analysis.  If each user left the site at the same time, this information can illuminate the source of the problem.

Additionally, if particular content generated a huge increase in page views or conversions, this can very quickly indicate that similar content may yield similar (or even improved) results.

With classic “physical” marketing strategies, this information is much more difficult to obtain, and in some cases simply impossible to gather, so the strategies themselves become much more difficult to make intelligent decisions about.  You would either have to pay a marketing research firm to conduct the analysis for you or go into an initiative blind and lose out on the potential sales that you could have enjoyed if the initiative doesn’t work and you had had the opportunity to make changes.  This costs your business money over the long term, without the improvement that is inherent in an online medium.

The low cost of internet marketing

Another positive aspect of marketing on the internet is the relative low cost.  When you consider the cost of mailing full color flyers over a broad area, buying an ad in a publication, or purchasing space on a billboard, the cost to benefit ratio of sophisticated internet marketing is extremely apparent.  This is because internet marketing is not “passive”.

Search engine optimization, when done properly, allows people searching for a service to find and inquire about your service.  There’s no way of knowing that the average newspaper reader will see your ad, if the ad will be relevant to them, and if it isn’t, why that is the case.  With internet marketing, you know your site’s exposure is due to relevant web searches, you know how many people saw your content, and you can assess why or why not they decided to contact you for you services.

Ultimately, internet marketing is constantly refining itself, and thus, ever increasing the potential for returns on investment in the months and years ahead.

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