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    Display, Facebook and HTML5 Digital Banner Ad Design

    Display ads are a necessary component of any healthy paid advertising campaign.  They typically are less-expensive per-click than traditional search text ads and can drastically increase  the number of impressions in your campaign.

    Google Adwords Display Network and Remarketing Ad Design

    Once a display ad is running, your ads will appear instantly in front of potential clients and be able to track the visitor data immediately. This gives you a huge advantage over your competitors because your ads will be appearing in search results and getting more clicks to your site than all of your other competition.

    HTML5 Display Ad Design

    HTML5 display ads is the new breed of animated advertising. They are constructed using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. These ads are beginning to become the new web standard. This is because of the ability to create beautifully animated and engaging content that can be viewed across desktop, smartphones, and tablets (unlike Flash). Google will soon not be supporting Flash ads. This is a major industry change in online advertising. Previously Flash was the only way to display animated ads on the internet. Starting January 2017, Flash ads will be unsupported by google and obsolete all together. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of advertising with the new HTML5 ads before your competitors. Because these HTML5 ads will most likely be the only animated elements on a webpage, they draw the most attention which leads to clicks.

    Our HTML5 ads are custom built animated ads that draw more attention than a traditional static ad. They use the newest web technologies to create complex yet light weight animations that traditional ads cannot match, while still being able to viewed on mobile and tablet devices. Clients love HTML5 display ads because they increase engagement from customers, which in-turn dramatically increases leads and conversions.  HTML5 ads can also be custom tailored to different audiences. For example, you can run female focused imagery on ads for a female audience and male imagery for a male audience. This targeted advertising lets you engage with a distinct audience to maximize your click-through rates. Along with your attention grabbing ads, we can track clicks, impressions, browsers, mobile devices, countries, cities and much more useful data that we can then use to maximize your advertising costs. This is all done through our analytics tools and code we build into the ads themselves. HTML5 ads are the future of online advertising, and we’re at the forefront of this technology.


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    Facebook Ad Design

    Facebook display and remarketing ads require their own strategy.  First, because Facebook has their own unique rules as to what can and can’t be in an ad.  Things like wording, imagery and topic all are regulated closely by the Facebook advertising network.  Facebook users also behave in a somewhat unique manner and are very sensitive to the message you push to them and the number of impressions they receive.  Facebook ads also are able to be reported and commented on by the audience you are pushing them to.  This means there has to be messaging, design and audience considerations when creating Facebook display ads.  There is also strategy behind where you point and ultimately convert a Facebook user; whether it is to your own website or you convert them within Facebook.

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