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Do you know law firms, eCommerce companies, local companies, or professional service providers that are in need of SEO, content marketing, paid search management or a website redesign?

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Majux offers a referral fee on any client referred to us – payable when they sign as a client to a term of one year or more.  The even better news – you can take your pick of what kind of a referral you want – choose between 10% for the life of the engagement or an iPad.

Perhaps you are a consultant that works with clients on business development of marketing strategies, perhaps you understand the power of internet marketing and what a well-oiled internet marketing campaign can deliver for your clients.  Perhaps you know all of these things, but don’t know where to start in making a recommendation for your client.  Well, we would like to speak to you.  Let us explain exactly what it is that we do for our clients and how a well-designed Majux internet marketing campaign can actually provide one of the highest ROIs of any tool in your client’s marketing arsenal.

Here’s a typical breakdown of our sales cycle and how you can refer us to your clients, colleagues, or other business contacts.

Regardless if you know one potential client or many, we’d love to speak to you.  Do you know a lot of attorneys in need of marketing? Refer them all and maybe make one of those iPad suits; we’re not here to judge.

Step 1: Understand What We Do

Majux touts itself as an outsourced marketing solution for small businesses and law firms.  While we love working with lawyers, we also provide SEO and marketing services for all types of other companies – everything from interior designers, consultants, home remodelers, retail websites, authors, and even rock magazines.

If you refer us a to a client of yours, keep in mind that we prefer to start off with a low-pressure call where we can get an idea of how your contact’s business is doing, where the opportunities lie, what they expect to get out of a SEO campaign as well as answer any questions they might have about our process.  We do this because we love helping businesses make money – the more business owners we can talk to, the more we can recognize trends and opportunities throughout other industries and help our existing client base.

Step 2: Research and Proposal Writing

At this point, if your contact is interested in moving forward we would work out the basics of their campaign, perform some preliminary market/keyword research, and then meet either face-to-face or via a Skype meeting to describe what their competitors are doing, how competitive an internet marketing campaign will be, and what components go into an internet marketing campaign that will work for their industry or niche.  Prices for these, and the resulting referral fee you would get, depend on the industry, level of competition, and the total hours of work required to reach a client’s goals.

Step 3: Pricing and Payments

If your client or colleague is confident in the benefits that a digital marketing campaign can provide them and decides to sign up, we’ll either cut you a check or send you an iPad.

The referral fee is for new clients that sign up for one year.  We are also sensitive to the needs of small business owners and we can work an internet marketing campaign into most budgets.  Please note however, that reduced packages may contain less total components or less work product than a full-fledged internet marketing campaign.  That being said, an all-encompassing campaign might not be what your industry or business needs require, and we are sensitive to that fact.  We never upsell because it hurts the overall ROI of our client’s campaigns – and we want our clients to make money because word-of-mouth referrals are the best thank yous that we receive from our clients.

If you’re interested in helping us your client or colleague grow their business, please fill out the form below, or:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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