Does is seem like potential customers simply don’t respond to your paid Internet advertising?

Like, you could pay for all the Internet advertising in the world, and people still won’t pay attention to your small business? Do you find that your pay per click ads have lots of views and that no one clicks on them? Have you have re-written your ads numerous times and bid on different keywords, but the result is always the same? Are you at the end of your rope with Internet advertising and considering giving up?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” than your not alone and I’ve got a solution for you.

And it’s probably something you have never thought about….

Your Adwords Ads Are Not Connecting With the Customer

The deal and product you are advertising it probably pretty good, it is the way you are presenting it in your ads to the customer which needs some work. Customers won’t click on your ads because the ads simply do not interest them. You can increase your ad spend dramatically and it will not matter, your ads will not get clicked if you keep using the same ad writing strategy. It is not a matter of budget size, company size, or great writing – it is a matter of customer psychology. When creating your ads you need to stop being so logical about what you offer, and need to start to focus on reaching the customer at an emotional level.

You Are Trying To Attract Your Customers Through Logic Rather Than Emotion

We all like to think that we are logical, and that are customers are as well. However, study after study has concluded that people make decisions based on emotions and then use logic to back it up. This probably is some sort of evolutionary trait we inherited that served humans at one point, but in this day and age is not all that helpful. However, knowing this fact allows you to “see the Matrix” – you can attract customers by using ads which reach your customers at an emotional level and then provide facts to back up their purchase on your landing page.

Connect With Your Potential Customers On An Emotional Level By Focusing On The Benefits

The best way to connect emotionally with your customers is to focus on what is in it for your customer. In marketing jargon “what is in it for your customer” is known as a benefit.

Here is the deal with benefits and why you are probably not using them correctly (yet): most advertising copy can be divided into two categories – features and benefits.

Features – These are facts about what your product or service has. Examples include:

  • You sell a laptop bag that has a leather-padded shoulder strap.
  • You have a kayak rental location that offers lighter kayaks (I was just on Cape Cod and my brother works at a Kayak store – so it is on my mind!).
  • You have a certain process that decreases the time to perform your service.

Benefits – This is where you answer the question “so what?” and answers the question “how does this help me?”.  Examples include:

  • The leather padded shoulder strap decreases stress on your shoulder allowing you carry it further without aches and pains.
  • The lighter kayak means that you will be able to paddle farther with less effort and enjoy your time on the water more.
  • Your process allows you to be in and out and allows your customer to resume their life quicker and with less interruption.

Benefits connect with your customer on an emotional level rather than a logical one. As you connect on more of an emotional level, you will find that the click-through rate of your ads begins to climb and you will finally be able to get some sales and leads from your Internet advertising.

Turn Your Features Into Benefits and A/B Test Them With AdWords

  1. Identify And Research Your Audience/Niche

The first step in any marketing that you plan on doing should always be to identify and research your audience. Figure out who you want to market to and then research them like you are producing a National Geographic special on them. Here are some ways to perform research on your audience.

  • If they go to certain blogs, begin to read those blogs
  • Go to Meetups and listen to how they talk
  • Take them out coffee to coffee and learn about their lives
  • Read the same books they read

Without knowing the audience you will not be able to effectively perform the next series of steps.

  1. Make A List Of Your Features

Make a list of all of the features that your product or service offers. These can include features such as:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Time to delivery
  • Price
  • Days open
  • What your product can do that others can’t (for example self filtering water bottle)
  • Your process

Anything that is a fact about your product or service is a feature.

  1. Efficiently Convert The Features To Benefits

This step is the key to the whole sequence. Take a piece of paper or open a word document and divide it into two columns with a line through the middle. On the left side write features and put the list that of features you just created on the left side. On the right side write benefits. In the middle write “what this means to you”. Now, using what you learned from your research about your market take time to imagine you are talking to your ideal customer and begin to translate the features into benefits using the “what this means to you” marketing framework. Literally say, “feature” and then “what this means to you is” and then write out the benefit. Try to make the benefit something that will resonate with your target audience.

For example if you are a chiropractor and a your feature is that you have a process that corrects your patient’s posture I would say what this means to you is:

  • You will have an increase in confidence
  • You will have less back pain
  • You will breathe easier
  1. Put Benefits Into Ads and Split Test Them

Now that you have your benefits, the next step is to test them out in your Internet advertising. Typically I recommend using Google AdWords since it is generally the easiest for testing. You can run two ads against each other in the same ad group and see which one has the higher click through rate, and more importantly which causes customer to perform more of the actions you want (like becoming a lead or making a purchase). Put a different benefit in each ad and see which wins! If you need help  with PPC for your medical staffing agency, law firm, or eCommerce platform, contact us today.

What are the benefits in your business?

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