How can an internet marketing campaign help your small business?

Obviously, marketing is a critical element to any business strategy.  In the past, companies turned to consultants, large marketing budgetary allotments, and the hiring of market research companies.  Fortunately, internet marketing is shifting that paradigm, and adding or shifting budget away from traditional marketing initiatives in favor of internet marketing can have added benefits for you company.

Here’s how:

Exposure – The internet is a pervasive medium.  Nearly everyone is connected, many times in subconscious ways.  From smartphones in your pocket silently updating your Twitter feed, to sending and receiving email, updating Facebook or Pinterest, searching for recipes or reading a review on your iPad.  There are millions of micro-interactions that take place online every day. In the past, companies used print ads in magazines and newspapers or a billboard to maximize exposure.  But that often limited an ad’s effectiveness either geographically or demographically.  In March of this year, Pinterest recorded 2.3 billion page impressions to over 4 million unique visitors per day – and that’s on an international stage.  Think about that, if you were able to capture just a fraction, say.005% of those eyes with a viral post showcasing y our website or product, that’s 20,000 people (who are probably interested due to the fact that they clicked on your content).  And that’s one website.  There are thousands of popular social websites and hundreds of millions of English-speaking blogs.  Traditional media simply can’t compete for exposure on that type of level anymore.

Cost – Physical marketing is expensive.  Printing involves the cost of papers and inks, delivery costs postage, placement in magazines or newspapers costs money, and it all takes time.  With online marketing, the costs are relatively cheap in comparison (often just time and outsourcing costs), and the results can be astounding.

Speed – Internet marketing happens quickly.  With a proper marketing strategy in place for your business, content can be posted instantaneously to the web, and results are nearly as fast.  You don’t have to wait for magazines to go to print and be delivered.  You publish and content appears.  Then, if visitors like what they see, they fill out a form, and a business relationship has bloomed – all in a matter of seconds.

Feedback – Most aspects of page views and interactions are able to be tracked, rendering often expensive market research obsolete in many ways. Your marketing is your market research, and if something works, you can almost instantly decide on how to follow that lead toward an even better marketing campaign.  The process is dynamic.

Growth – Internet marketing is a fluid concept, and approaches to marketing are fluid in turn.  Because of this, your business can quickly adapt to a new trend in the market, an initiative that works, or a new channel of potential exposure.

Ultimately, an internet marketing campaign will extend your company’s reach, reinforce an online identity, and bring potential clients to your virtual and real doorstep.

Thinking about integrating internet marketing into your marketing mix?

Contact us today.  Whether you are a local service provider looking to market your business or a law firm looking for SEO services, we can tell you how a well-oiled internet marketing campaign can add more exposure to your business and convert more leads into sales.  Regardless if you business is ‘brick and mortar’ or virtual, internet marketing can help you get more customers.