All things being equal, the sheer number of options when it comes to personal injury representation should mean that the likelihood of your personal injury law firm being chosen without any form of advertising or marketing is pretty small. Of course, all things are not equal, in part because of the emphasis placed on search engine visibility in today’s market.  As in the age of billboards and radio ads, marketing is the key to optimizing the benefits of search engines, but how do you market a personal injury law firm in 2021? To find out, keep reading as our experts in SEO for law firms walk through the different channels that are available to PI firms right now, today.

Google Ads Can Help Market Your Personal Injury Law Firm

As the biggest search engine in the world, Google has much to offer law firms, from increasing exposure to a new audience to attracting customers through ads on their favorite websites. To be successful (and profitable) in these efforts, you’ll need a targeted campaign that makes the most of every dollar spent – the type of campaign that requires extensive keyword research and an intimate understanding of Google Ads and PPC for lawyers. Below, we’ll look at two of the most common ways personal injury law firms market their services through Google:

Paid Search Advertising for Law Firms

When someone looking for a lawyer types their query into Google, their inclination is typically to click one of the first links on the results page. Many Google users equate these top spots with quality goods and services, so a high ranking can make your personal injury law firm a much more appealing option for potential clients. The essence of paid search advertising is that it places your business at the very top of a results page, above the organic results of a search. Clients then see your business as among the best options for representation and are more likely to click the link and visit your website. However, these ads can be prohibitively expensive, especially without proper keyword optimization.

Display Advertising for Personal Injury Lawyers

In contrast with paid search advertising, which is limited to search engine results pages, display advertising shows up pretty much everywhere, from social media platforms to popular websites. Because these ads can be targeted at a specific region and practice area, they can be an effective way to appeal to a wide audience in your firm’s region, bringing in local leads that can turn into clients when handled correctly.

SEO and Content Strategy for Personal Injury Law Firms

In a world where information on virtually any legal topic is available at a person’s fingertips, it’s no surprise that so many people turn to online sources with their questions about personal injury law. These searches on legal topics represent a significant source of income that should not be ignored. Earning this visibility requires a concerted SEO campaign that factors in keyword research, search data, and content strategy, not to mention an understanding of the intent behind each search.

When you work with an expert digital marketing team like the one at Majux, you’ll receive comprehensive SEO services for law firms that include a deep dive into your market and the potential contained therein. Because we have extensive experience working with legal marketing, specifically, our SEO specialists know just what it takes to increase traffic on your site and bring in leads; on average, the personal injury law firms we partner with each see more than 180 qualified leads per month, plus a 315% increase in web traffic, a 564% increase in first-page rankings, and a more than 600% increase in web case leads.

Essential to this process is the use of content strategy for law firms, which is what powers search results. For instance, when a prospective client searches for the term “Baltimore car accident laws,” they want results that inform them, and search engines like Google seek to oblige them by checking sites for the corresponding keywords, as well as a great many other factors. Put simply, the results the program turns up will be based on the quality and relevance of content, so having the right content – based on knowledge of Google’s search algorithm and the most common search terms in your area – as part of your personal injury law firm’s website can generate a lot of traffic.

Contact Majux Today and Start Bringing in Leads for Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal injury law firms face a lot of competition in any market, so it’s important to find ways to distinguish yourself from the rest of the lawyers out there, especially in the eyes of users on sites like Google or Bing. If you would like to more effectively market your personal injury law firm online and generate qualified leads that bring in clients, contact the team at Majux. We specialize in SEO for personal injury lawyers.