Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) + Analytics Analysis for Law Firm Websites

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    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Once your site is receiving a stream of qualified traffic, the challenge becomes converting those visitors into clients. This is exactly the goal of Conversion Rate Optimization.

    Essentially, CRO is the process of gaining insights into user action, intent and pain points through a combination of data analysis and user behavioral studies. Whether a website has just been launched, redesigned, or has existed for years in its current state, a deep look into user behavior can shed light on conversion-blocking elements of a site that have gone unnoticed.

    CRO for Law Firms

    Law firm websites present a specific set of lead acquisition challenges. Our years of experience building websites for law firms and analyzing user data from those sites have given us an understanding of what to look for when auditing a new site’s ability to convert traffic into clients.

    We closely monitor both the quantity and quality of leads a legal client receives including phone calls and contact form completions from the site. We use this data to continually assess and reassess the effectiveness of a site’s content, design and UX, and seek opportunities to further optimize.

    Law Firm SEO

    User Research

    Use data and behavioral analysis to learn about your customers and identify potential drop off points within your site’s conversion funnel.


    Attorney SEO Services

    Experiment Design

    Begin with an action plan for an A/B or multivariate test with a specific goal in mind. We set up the experiment using our testing platform incorporating design, UX or copy changes.


    Best Law Firm CRO and SEO Services

    Outcome Reporting + Recommendation

    Just because we tested it doesn’t mean you should implement. We thoroughly examine the experiment data to determine if the changes will improve user experience and drive more conversions. At the end of the process, you are given a comprehensive report and list of recommended implementations.


    In any area of research, and CRO is no exception, it is important to thoroughly understand a problem at hand before attempting to solve it. Our optimization process always begin with a study of a site’s analytics to determine which areas or types of content are underperforming, and what factors may be responsible. Sites that appear to be converting well as a whole may, and often do, have specific points in the conversion funnel that can still be improved.

    Once we understand the problem at hand, we will form an action plan to test the issue. This typically involves an A/B test to determine if a redesigned page or broader site change better aligns with the intentions and needs of site users.

    After the A/B or multivariate experiment, we determine if the design, content or UX change had a positive effect on overall user engagement and/or improved the conversion path of the site. If the results are conclusive, we push the change site wide and report on site wide conversion rates (as they pertain to the site change) going forward.

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