CRM Software Strategy + Design + Implementation

Customer relationship management (CRM) software and the strategy in implementing such software has evolved to be quite complicated.  There are an endless number of ways that you can integrate outreach, touch points and creative assets when cultivating customers that come in through your website.  The effectiveness of your CRM funnel is only limited by the knowledge and creativity involved is creating it.

Majux has become a leader in the strategy, design and implementation of CRM systems such as Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Netsuite, Apptivo and Hubspot (to name a few – there are hundreds).

Ultimately, the goal behind implementing each of these software systems is to increase revenue through closing more leads, shortening or increasing the sales cycle, or by remarketing more effectively.  Our focus is on scaling what converts leads into revenue.

CRM Strategy and Process Mapping

CRM strategy and designKeeping in touch with your clients is a way that is noticeable and timed correctly is the corner stone to any CRM strategy. Before you hire an agency to design any of the creative assets that go into your process, you must have the strategy laid out.  Factors such as contact format, timing, repurchase cycles and We can design this process tree for you either as part of your overall strategy or as a one-time project that you can take to your internal design team.

Knowledge Based on Data

Strategic Knowledge 

Proper CRM system implementation requires strategy – a plan for how your customers get in touch, and how you stay in touch.  CRM is more than just mailing lists and managing your inbox; it’s a system to save you time and energy to respond to your company’s workflow, to help you gain and retain customers.

Behavioral Knowledge

Without good CRM implementation, you could be missing out on incredible opportunities.

Where do We Start?

Our first goal is to understand the wants of your clients types, so we can design a plan that speaks to those desires.

Our , it’s a custom-tailored experience to get at the individual needs of your business.  Our CRM strategy will aim to fill the holes in client interactions.  We will look at the tools available and work with you to make them fit together and improve your customer relations.  We know that a law firm has different client interactions than a car dealership, or an eCommerce site – and we work with your company’s needs to make sure your plan is tailored to your needs.

Why Pick Majux?

At Majux, our goal is to increase your web traffic and client contacts, help you keep a strong relationship with your clients, and give you the data and tools to continually improve your business.  We do not just create tools to help you keep better track of your metrics – we want you to continue to see improvement.  Plans are meant to change, and we can help you dynamically adapt to change and growth in your customer base.

Our team works hands-on with our clients to make sure that their experience is what they want it to be.  We constantly monitor how our clients’ systems are doing to make sure that they are in proper working order and achieving the goals we set with our clients.  Majux is an agency that employs a detail-oriented team that is not satisfied until we have tweaked and perfected your CRM strategy to fit your needs – and make sure it works.

Industries We Serve

We are a growing company with clients in a wide variety of industries.  If you name an industry, we most likely have a partner in it.

If you are interested in streamlining and improving your customer nurturing process, we can help.  We will work with you, one-on-one, to get our plan implemented.  Call us today or contact us online and we can get started.

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