A Collection of FavIcons to Use for Your Law Firm Website

“Favicon” is short for “Favorite Icon,” and is also sometimes referred to as a shortcut icon, bookmark icon, or web site icon. That little picture you see next to a web site’s title in your “Bookmarks” bar?  That’s a favicon.  The image next to a web address in the URL bar?  That’s a favicon, too.

Because they’re thumbnails crammed into such limited spaces, favicons have to be small – usually, 16×16 pixels.   The purpose of favicons is similar to the purpose of a logo or label on, say, a food product – they’re meant to help web users instantly recognize a website.   For example, when you see that black W in a white square, you know the association immediately: Wikipedia.  In technological time, favicons are ancient – they made their debut in 1999 on Internet Explorer 5.  However, favicons are still extremely popular, and exist on nearly all major websites.

Below is our collection of legal-themed favicons for you to use in your law firm website design.

Gavel Icons

108696_25648_16_auction_gavel_hammer_judge_icon   favicon (1)   auction-hammer   Auction   law_16x16   11   Gavel-Law-icon   favicon (4)

Scale Icons

scales-icon   Scales_pair_of_lawyer   Scales_pair_of_lawyer_law_balance   Scales   pka040008_scales_of_balance-16   images   favicon   Basic-Scales-of-Balance-icon   balance-minus-icon   Balance_justice_compare_unbalance_scales_libra_law_color_account   balance   Balance (1)

Legal Icons

lawyer_icon   lawyer_icon (2)   lawyer_icon (1)   Icon_17-16Law-icon

Globe Icons

images (2)   images (3)   web_16   globe (1)   globe (2)   globe   globe_1   globe_2   globe_blue   Globe_Plain_Blue   Globe_Plain_Green   globe_red   globe-icon   ico.globe   ico-globe   icoGlobe_blue   network-globe2   BlueGlobe

Flag Icons

images (1)   flag-us   usflag

Quill/Pen Icons

Filter Feather (1)   Filter Feather   download   Retro-Feather-icon   icon   ico_pen   Pen (1)   pen   pen_edit   Pencil-16   Pen-icon   stock_insert-fields-author   Technical-Pen-icon

Contact Icons

49   phone_1   phone_ico   phone-16  phone-28-16   phone   download (1)    email_ico   email-16x16    ico_email (1)    mail_ico   ico_email   ico_email  ico_phone (1)   ico_phone (2)   ico_phone   ico_phone   ico_phone_blue   ico_telephone   ico16-email   ico-contact   ico-email (1)   ico-email   icon-telephone   ico-phone   ico-phone2   ico-user-mail    images (5)   mail

People Icons

Icon_10-16   ico_female   ico_male   provider   judge   Judge_Female_Dark   Judge_Female_Light   Judge_Male_Dark judge-hammer

Social Icons

twitter_ico   16ico-facebook   16ico-twitter   download (2)   linkedin_ico

Website Icons

images (4)   home_grey   home-ico   ico_home   ico_rss   icon-print   ico-search

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