“Favicon” is short for “Favorite Icon,” and is also sometimes referred to as a shortcut icon, bookmark icon, or web site icon. That little picture you see next to a web site’s title in your “Bookmarks” bar?  That’s a favicon.  The image next to a web address in the URL bar?  That’s a favicon, too. Because they’re thumbnails crammed into such limited spaces, favicons have to be small – usually, 16×16 pixels.   The purpose of favicons is similar to the purpose of a logo or label on, say, a food product – they’re meant to help web users instantly recognize a website.   For example, when you see that black W in a white square, you know the association immediately: Wikipedia.  In technological time, favicons are ancient – they made their debut in 1999 on Internet Explorer 5. However, favicons are still extremely popular and can be helpful for law firm SEO. They are attached to nearly all major websites. Below is our collection of legal-themed favicons for you to use in your law firm website design.

Gavel Icons

108696_25648_16_auction_gavel_hammer_judge_icon   favicon (1)   auction-hammer   Auction   law_16x16   11   Gavel-Law-icon   favicon (4)

Scale Icons

scales-icon   Scales_pair_of_lawyer   Scales_pair_of_lawyer_law_balance   Scales   pka040008_scales_of_balance-16   images   favicon   Basic-Scales-of-Balance-icon   balance-minus-icon   Balance_justice_compare_unbalance_scales_libra_law_color_account   balance   Balance (1)

Legal Icons

lawyer_icon   lawyer_icon (2)   lawyer_icon (1)   Icon_17-16Law-icon

Globe Icons

images (2)   images (3)   web_16   globe (1)   globe (2)   globe   globe_1   globe_2   globe_blue   Globe_Plain_Blue   Globe_Plain_Green   globe_red   globe-icon   ico.globe   ico-globe   icoGlobe_blue   network-globe2   BlueGlobe

Flag Icons

images (1)   flag-us   usflag

Quill/Pen Icons

Filter Feather (1)   Filter Feather   download   Retro-Feather-icon   icon   ico_pen   Pen (1)   pen   pen_edit   Pencil-16   Pen-icon   stock_insert-fields-author   Technical-Pen-icon

Contact Icons

49   phone_1   phone_ico   phone-16  phone-28-16   phone   download (1)    email_ico   email-16x16    ico_email (1)    mail_ico   ico_email   ico_email  ico_phone (1)   ico_phone (2)   ico_phone   ico_phone   ico_phone_blue   ico_telephone   ico16-email   ico-contact   ico-email (1)   ico-email   icon-telephone   ico-phone   ico-phone2   ico-user-mail    images (5)   mail

People Icons

Icon_10-16   ico_female   ico_male   provider   judge   Judge_Female_Dark   Judge_Female_Light   Judge_Male_Dark judge-hammer

Social Icons

twitter_ico   16ico-facebook   16ico-twitter   download (2)   linkedin_ico

Website Icons

images (4)   home_grey   home-ico   ico_home   ico_rss   icon-print   ico-search