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What sets our team apart from the competition is taking the time to develop highly creative, individualized marketing campaigns that utilize multiple marketing channels. Our team understands the power that a digital campaign can deliver, but we also know that some campaigns can’t be realized without getting your hands dirty in more traditional marketing channels. We have the ability and talent to blend a content marketing campaign with SEO, digital PR, reputation management, business intelligence, design, and traditional business development.

Many of our clients rely on our ability to deliver a perfectly blended marketing strategy that can maximize marketing efforts across online PR, SEO, content, paid search and drip marketing efforts. No meetings where everyone sits on yoga balls or corporate jargon here; what you get in Majux is a closely-tracked, results-based marketing solution with an emphasis on making your phone ring.

Bernie Clark


Prior to founding Majux, Bernie spent 10 years as an in-house marketer and consultant in the legal field. Bernie formerly held positions as the Marketing Director of a regional litigation law firm and as the Business Development Manager of a full-service firm with 100 attorneys located across the East Coast. Beginning his career long before professional services were researched and purchased on the internet, he has a strong foundation in traditional marketing strategy and influencing purchase intent.

Majux has quickly become one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies on the East Coast. With a varied mix of industries that we serve, our team has a proven track record in some of the most competitive and aggressively marketed industries on the internet.

Anastacio Aurelio, JD


Anastacio is a graduate of Widener Law School. As a Content Marketing Associate, Anastacio works to provide law firms with accurate and intensive client-facing content. Anastacio uses his spare time to be highly sarcastic, play as many video games as possible and most importantly laugh with family and friends.

Carelle Clark

Administrative Director

Carelle handles a broad array of responsibilities at Majux and thrives on multitasking and streamlining the day-to-day operations. She is a devotee of the unsurpassed voice of musical visionary Robert Goulet.

Chantel Duncan

Front End Developer

Chantel lives by the motto “say less, code more”. She thrives off challenging herself as a developer. Over the past few years building websites has become her equivalent to a night on the town.

Adam Gingery

Digital Strategy and Paid Search Manager

Adam manages paid search and display advertising, contributes to overall digital strategy, and works with all aspects of SEO at Majux. Originally a music school grad, he made the jump into copywriting before discovering SEO and PPC. He’s generally considered to be the fourth most famous native of West Chester, PA after Samuel Barber, Bam Margera, and whoever it was that invented Mother’s Day.

Emily Homrok

Content Marketing Manager

Emily joined the Majux team in 2012 after graduating from Drexel University. When Emily isn’t writing, she enjoys animating, watching documentaries, playing with her cat, and whittling away her life on the internet. Overall, it’s a pretty intense lifestyle.

Nathan Hudwell

Data & Analytics Manager

Nathan supports the analytics and conversion improvement needs of our clients by analyzing all of the data that leads to leads and converted sales. When Nathan isn’t neck-deep in data analysis he likes to spend his time painting and playing viola, a.k.a “the big violin”.

John Lukaszczyk

Content Marketing Associate

John Lukaszczyk is a self-described nerd and denizen of the Internet. John joined Majux after graduating from Villanova School of Law and passing the bar in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. John’s area of knowledge is primarily criminal law, but he also prides himself on knowing a little bit about a lot of things and always looking to learn more. At Majux, John writes content for our clients’ websites, focusing on providing law firms with robust and informative content for current and potential clients.

Owen Mansfield

SEO + Outreach Associate

Owen is a seasoned veteran of “agency” life. Normally, this would leave a person jaded, cynical and disillusioned. Fortunately for us, Owen is none of those things. As our Lead Designer, Harry, put it “His cheerful disposition brings a ray of sunshine to my day – especially in the winter.” If you’re quiet, you can find him elbow deep slaying search engines in the wild.

Ricardo N. Morales Camps, JD.

Spanish Content Marketing Associate

Ricardo is a law school graduate from the Inter-American University School of Law in San Juan. He supports the content marketing team as a Spanish-language writer and legal translator. He loves good food, singing, playing guitar, sports and he is also a technology enthusiast.

Harry O’Brien

Creative Director

Harry is an experienced Creative Director who delivers creative, innovative and engaging solutions to communication goals across brand identity and digital media. Harry works with globally recognized brands on all types of projects and leads the digital communications efforts. Prior to Majux Marketing, Harry was a Senior Designer at Digitas Healthcare, the largest pharma ad agency in the world. Harry has diverse experiences that include traditional print advertising and branding to digital application design. As a result, Harry offers intelligent and organized solutions to any project for nearly any industry.

Julie Seda, JD

Content Marketing Associate

Julie Seda has a JD and two LLMs. She went to Northeastern University School of Law where she treasured the co-op experiences and the passion for law she found there. She graduated top ten when she obtained her LLM in Banking and Financial Law from Boston University School of Law (BUSL). She was also one of a select group of students in the Intellectual Property Law program offered also at BUSL. Julie attended Cornell University for her undergraduate studies and also obtained a MPA there. At Cornell, she found a love for advocacy and writing. She was raised in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The school of life, friends, and family are Julie’s most important inspiration.

When she is not cooking for her family or reading, she is gardening.

Thomas Tylek


Tom is a developer involved in building and and maintaining client sites. He also works as part of our technical onsite SEO team. His passions include making the Internet a more functional and beautiful place, hiking, camping, and traveling.

Mandy Verno

SEO Manager

Mandy joined the Majux Marketing team after graduating from Rowan University’s Computer Science program. She is responsible for optimizing the elements on our clients’ websites to make them more search engine-friendly.

Adam Virnelson

Content Marketing Associate

Adam joined Majux as a writer after bouncing around four different states. A suburbanite turned city slicker, Adam holds a degree in journalism from Emerson College in Boston and most recently worked in Austin, Texas, for a despotic newspaper company. He enjoys decent espresso, novels about the apocalypse and the sweet, nasally voice of Bob Dylan.

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