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What sets us apart from the competition is taking the time to develop highly creative, individualized marketing campaigns that utilize multiple marketing channels. Our team understands the power that a digital campaign can deliver, but we also know that some campaigns can’t be realized without getting your hands dirty in more traditional marketing channels. We have the ability and talent to blend a content marketing campaign with SEO, digital PR, reputation management, business intelligence, design, and traditional business development.

Many of our clients rely on our ability to deliver perfectly combined content marketing strategies that can maximize marketing efforts across online PR, SEO, and drip marketing efforts. No meetings where everyone sits on yoga balls or corporate jargon here; what you get in Majux is a closely-tracked, results-based marketing solution with an emphasis on making your phone ring.

Our Process to Internet Marketing

We bring a mixed approach of PR, search engine optimization, and strategic placement of content to help maximize your web presence and increase qualified leads. We sit down with you to assess the current state of your online presence, online visibility, and search engine performance. Our goal is to understand your business. Within industries, within cities, within firms, the path to new clients is different. If it was the same, everyone would be doing it. Once we have a good understanding of your model, opportunities within the market, and goals, we go back to the drawing board.

Then we’ll make recommendations. Typically, we will offer several plans of attack. You can pick one, many, or a fusion of many. You can decide how deep you want to go. We can start with a wide net right out of the gate or start small and ramp up as we find success in certain niche channels and strategies. Campaigns are unique and custom-tailored dependent on time constraints, who the desired end-user is, and where the point of purchase occurs. For instance, many of our legal clients like to write. Many do not. That simple difference alters the online strategy for each partner. We will detail exactly what you can expect and will set up a schedule for updates, meetings, and assessment. We can meet once a week, or once a month, online, or in person – it’s completely up to you and your schedule.

We are accessible. We work with clients who understand that returning a call the same day, within the hour preferably, is essential to success. We operate the same way. We are here to be down in the trenches with you, bringing in clients. We are also small enough to alter campaigns in near-real-time. Google algorithms are constantly changing and showing up within the front page of search results is often a moving target. Being nimble and accessible is crucial to success.

Who We Work With

Our clients come from a diverse background.  We serve businesses large and small, new and well-established, virtual, and brick-and-mortar.  The companies we work with come from across the world.  We have built customer-generating marketing presences for companies from a wide range of industries.

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