Conversion-Focused Digital Marketing

Our approach revolves around a singular objective -
generating new inbound leads.  It’s as simple as that.

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Transparent and Powerful Reporting

Our reporting takes the guesswork out of decision-making; allowing for better performing campaigns driven by data, not assumptions or buzzwords.

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No Funny Contracts

Having dealt with the aftermath of some ugly web design and SEO contracts, we approach our engagements differently.  There are no long-terms and you retain full control of your web assets from start to finish.  Our process won’t hold your business hostage.

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Effective and Responsive Web Design

Our team create sites with one end goal in mind – converting visitors into real business.  Along the way we make sure your design is responsive and speaks directly to your target audience.

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SEO for Attorneys

Majux was formed by a team of legal marketers with a strong background in digital marketing and SEO.  We currently work with dozens of law firms of all types and sizes across the country.  Call us crazy, but working with attorneys is still our first love.

PPC / AdWords

Some of the most common issues we hear are problems with the Adwords management.  We can take the guess work out of bidding, quality scores, and landing pages.  Whether you want to set up a new campaign or increase efficiency, we can help.

SEO & Inbound

Our core strength is driving qualified visitors to your site through a blend of SEO, content, local, and inbound marketing.  Basically, all of the things that make the web tick.  We offer campaign and project-based solutions without binding contracts.


Video is becoming an added weapon to the arsenal of design, conversion, and SEO.  We have worked with attorneys and businesses from all over the country to develop and optimize testimonial, tutorial, informational, and Youtube campaigns.

Web Design

Regardless of your niche, site design is one of the major factors in how well your site converts into new clients.  Presentation, visibility, and conveyance of your expertise are paramount to success.  For a fresh, conversion-focused outlook on website design, give us a call.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is another tactic that is becoming an increasingly important aspect of a healthy digital marketing campaign.  We can help you protect yourself from negative press and promote what you want prospective clients to see.

Local Optimization

Have you recently moved or rebranded?  Is there incorrect information about your business out there?  Perhaps you want visibility within Google local results.  Manage your Google Places and G+ profiles with our local profile optimization and cleanup services.

Content Marketing

These days, great content is essential to a healthy inbound campaign.  Our team of content marketers can create blog posts, web copy, press releases, infographics, and guest posts.  Our team of professionals, writers, and creative-types, can get you noticed.

  • Average Increase in Traffic 278%
  • Average Increase in First Page Rankings 554%
  • Average Increase in Incoming Web Case Leads 429%

Law Firm Marketing and SEO

Majux is quickly becoming one the industry leaders for digital marketing solutions in the legal niche.  We work with dozens of firms in some of the most competitive markets across the country.  It’s a space that we know well.  We even go back to the days before digital marketing was on the legal industry’s radar.  Prior to founding Majux, the members of our management team spent a combined fifteen years in marketing management roles at regional law firms.  That experience does’t end with our management – we have barred attorneys, writers, and marketers that have all worked at law firms on our team.

We have worked with clients in nearly every type of practice, including corporate, litigation, plaintiff, and consumer practices.  If there is a type of case, we’ve probably been down in the trenches chasing it.  We think that our fresh perspective, transparency, and emphasis on results (not fluff), is what our clients enjoy about working with us the most.

But, we know that passion and knowledge only get you so far.  That is why we are confident that our results speak for themselves.  Once a month or so, we update the metrics below with an average of the first 6 months of results for our entire legal client base.  For an idea of what we can do for your practice – contact us today.  

What Our Clients Are Saying

Majux did an excellent job redesigning and optimizing my website.  Prior to Majux, I had very negative experiences with both Findlaw and Justia.   Both companies held my website hostage, had fixed-term contracts, and fixed-fee arrangements that encouraged their staff to do the bare minimum to keep a client happy.

I immediately noticed a stark difference when I switch to Majux.  The folks at Majux are responsive and seem to believe in servicing the heck out of their clients.  They demonstrate this by consistently under promising and over delivering. My new website just went live a month ago and already I have seen a significant increase in traffic, leads, and compliments on the new site. In fact, just today I signed a substantial client that found me on the web.  It just goes to show that bigger is not necessarily better. These guys know their stuff.  Great job and keep up the good work!

—David W. Klasing Esq.

Digital Marketing and Public Relations at its Finest

We pride ourselves on creating real opportunities for our clients.  We’ve successfully placed clients in some of the world’s leading online publications, including:

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