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When businesses think about posting content on the web, copy and photographs are the most popular.  Perhaps some creative firms are regularly producing infographics and illustrations. Text and images are a great start, but you can boost your site’s traffic, exposure and conversion by tapping into another resource: web videos.  Consider these important YouTube statistics: YouTube has over 1 billion unique visitors.  Youtube is second in search only to Google.

Like Google for search engines, YouTube is the biggest and most heavily-traveled video-hosting website in the world.  When you combine the power of Google and YouTube, your page rankings can soar.

If Marketed Properly, Videos Offer Your Business Another Inbound Channel

It is also worth mentioning that a properly SEO’d and promoted Youtube or Vimeo video can help you double-dip within the Google search results.   You have probably noticed that Google promotes YouTube videos on the front page for almost every search result.  This is because Google owns YouTube.  Google sells advertising within YouTube videos.  Google wants to drive visitors to YouTube.

How We Can Help

We offer a wide variety of videography services to make the filming process a piece of cake for our clients.  We handle the video process from beginning to end, pre-production through post-production. If you already have videos as part of  your marketing efforts, we can help build video into a seamless component of your optimized law firm SEO, strategy.

Our Video Production Process

  1. Brainstorming.  We determine what people are searching for, and pitch ideas to target your audience.
  2. Writing.  We write an original script incorporating the best tone and keywords for your goals.
  3. Storyboarding.  We plan your shot compositions, including props and location.
  4. Equipment.  Film equipment is heavy, bulky, and expensive.  We provide professional-grade equipment so you don’t have to fight with cumbersome cinematography gear or pay high fees to rental houses.
  5. Location scouting.  We make arrangements with venue owners so you don’t have to.
  6. Cinematography.  We use professional photographers and sound technicians to achieve the best lighting, composition, and sound quality.
  7. Coaching.  Memorizing lines can be a challenge.  We work with our clients to help them learn their lines, tailor scripts on-location, and nail delivery.
  8. Editing.  Once shooting is over, there’s still plenty of raw footage to edit down.  We select your best takes and assemble the finished product using professional film editing software.
  9. Uploading.  We format the footage and upload to YouTube using targeted tags and keywords so people can find your “channel.”
  10. SEO.  We push your video on high-traffic websites where it can be seen by even more viewers.


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