Why don’t my potential customer’s remember my business – Have you ever thought that?

Have you called potential customers after they filled out your form specifically asking for a follow up phone call only to be treated like a cold calling telemarketer?

It seems as if no matter what you put in your ads, and no matter how great your offer is that for some reason your business is instantly forgotten the second the user leaves your page.

It isn’t just your business, customers forgetting about businesses they interacted with is actually a problem for the majority of companies who utilize Internet advertising and really any form of Internet marketing.

Let’s explore why this problem exists and more importantly how to get these users to remember and even look forward to interacting with your business.

There is a Constant Battle for Users Attention in This New Digital Environment

When a user fills out a form on your site requesting a call back, they often are quite serious about it at that moment. In that moment they want to hear about how your product or service can make their problems disappear and their world a better place.

However, that is all that feeling lasts for – one fleeting small moment.

These users then go on with the rest of their day online – visiting other websites, playing on facebook, tweeting, and filling out other forms. They are finding new interesting pieces of content and solving different problems. Yours was only one online interaction amongst thousands that they have every day and now that they are done with it, they have probably forgotten about you.

If the only things they had done that day was to go online to your website and fill out your particular form then they would definitely remember. They would probably be waiting by the phone for the call from you!

However, each online interaction is another thing that their brain must remember. The human brain can only focus on so many things at a time and it is constantly prioritizing what is important to remember and focus on.

By the time you get around to calling these new leads a couple of days later there has been thousands of interactions and your company is not only no longer the priority – they don’t even remember interacting with you.

You Consider a Conversion to Be the End of The Conversation

When a customer converts (performs the business action you want them to such as filling out a form), many businesses consider that to be the end of that online conversation. The logic is the user has already performed the action you want them to, why spend valuable time and money to continue to interact with them?

However, the conversion is just one point in the conversation with the customer, it is not the end.

You need to consistently remind the customer who you are and that they have interacted with your business previously in the time between when they receive the sales call or redeem the offer and even after.

Make it Your Businesses’ Business to Reach Customers at Multiple Touch Points

In order to stay top of mind with the potential customer so they do not forget about your business, you need to reach customers at multiple touch points even after they have converted.

A touch point is a place where you and your potential customer interact online. Some examples include when a user visits your website, receives an email from you or sees an ad on facebook or Google. These touchpoints take place both on the spectrum of different online channels as well as at different time continuum. It is a different touchpoint if they visit your website on a Monday and also on a Thursday.

While they may have learned about your business from a Google ad they saw in the morning they still need to be reminded about your business as they go about their day checking their email, visiting other websites the next day and utilizing facebook. You may need to continue to reach them at these different touchpoints for weeks and in the cases of longer sales cycles sometimes even months.

Here is why reaching potential customers at multiple touch points is vital:

  • You constantly remind them that you have interacted before and they begin to get comfortable interacting with your company.
  • You leverage the law of propinquity which states that the more times someone interacts with your business the more likely they are to have positive feelings and associations about it.
  • It makes your company seem larger than it is. With ads appearing everywhere a user is online it seems like your company has an enormous ad budget – however you will simply be remarketing (more on that coming up later).
  • It allows you to continue to educate users (especially with the email channel) and this engenders trust.

How to Reach Your Customers at Multiple Touch Points

Now that you understand why it is important to reach customers at multiple touchpoints let’s look at some ways to accomplish this:


You know when you go to a website and it seems like their ads are now on every single website you go to? That is not just how it seems, that is how it is.

The way remarketing works is you put a line of code in your website that a network such as Google or Facebook provides. When a user comes to your site this line of code drops something called a “cookie” into their browser that tells the ad network to show ads to them. Now when the user leaves your site and goes to others across the internet the ads continue to follow them around and remind them about your company and offer.

You can use remarketing based on the specific pages a user visited as well as specific actions that the user has taken to reach customers at multiple touch points.

For example, if a user put an item in a virtual shopping cart and left the page to go do something else they probably would never remember even putting that item in the cart. However if you have a remarketing ad following them saying 25% off the item they put in the cart you reach them at multiple touch points as they go to different websites and you will be more likely to complete the sale.

2. Emails

Emails are great because everyone has an email address so you can reach pretty much anyone you want to in the world.

Most of the time when you give away a first impression incentive (like an eBook) on your landing page you receive their email address in exchange. This ability to quickly build a list and keep contacting these users that are known to be interested in what you offer is a great reason to utilize this channel.

You can set up something called an email drip campaign, which is a series of emails that is automatically triggered when the user converts. These emails will remind the user that they have interacted with your company before as well as provide education which induces positive associations and creates trust. You will be reaching (or “touching” though that sounds so creepy) the user on multiple occasions across time.

Additionally, emails are great for offer redemptions. We utilize them when there is a redeemable offer such as 2 Weeks of A Service for $10.00. I have found that users often forget that they have purchased these offers and a great way to jog their memory is to send them an email a couple of weeks after gently reminding them.

3. Social Media

You can follow these new leads on twitter and linkedIn and interact with them appropriately. However, you need to be careful with this so you don’t creep out your potential customers and feel like you are a stalker of some kind.

But interacting with these new leads on social media in ways that build trust is a good way to reach them multiple times as well as see and understand what they are actually talking about.

What ways have you found to reach your customers across multiple touch points?