Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management For Medical Staffing Agencies

The competition for qualified travel nursing and physician applicants has never been hotter, and if you represent a medical staffing agency, you’ve probably encountered one, if not all, of these issues:

  • You aren’t generating enough leads to keep up with demand
  • Your cost per lead is too high
  • You’re receiving a high volume of unqualified candidates
  • You have trouble filling high value/low volume jobs (locum tenens surgeons, for instance)
  • Your current marketing channels aren’t scalable

At Majux, we address all of your concerns head-on, and we will work with you to scale your lead acquisition and beat your previous CPL. Whether you need to fill hundreds of medical positions each month or just a few, get in touch — we would love to hear from you.

How Do We Deliver the Lowest CPL Possible for Staffing Agencies?

We know there’s more to recruiting traveling medical professionals than generating leads — you have margins to meet. That’s why we never stop monitoring and optimizing your campaigns.

We don’t build campaigns and coast, nor do we take a “set it and forget it” approach to campaign management. We actively improve your campaigns every day. Here are some examples of how we continually lower your cost per lead

For Google Ads or Bing search campaigns…

  • We download and monitor search terms daily. If we see that Google or Bing is showing your ads for search queries that don’t provide value to your business, we’ll know about it and actively exclude those phrases from the campaign.
  • We constantly A/B test advertisements. By writing 2-3 search ads per ad group, we can test how different copy influences click-through-rate, quality score, conversion rate, and more. This exercise ultimately reduces your cost per lead.
  • We monitor performance by time of day and day of week. When a campaign has enough volume, trends begin to emerge — perhaps users don’t convert between 1:00-3:00pm, or maybe CPLs are consistently lower on Tuesdays than Mondays. When we identify performance patterns, we can allocate your budget accordingly; we’ll often see staggering improvements to your CPL.
  • We monitor performance by region. We can track campaign performance down to the ZIP code level, and when we notice that one area provides more value than another, we can either allocate budget or advise you accordingly.
  • We actively adjust bids. If a keyword emerges as a key lead-generator, we can more aggressively bid on those searches; similarly, if a particular keyword is driving up our CPL, we can reduce how much we pay per click.
  • We monitor your competitors. We know when a competitor is actively out-ranking or bidding you, and we can make adjustments to either compete more aggressively or allow them to run up their daily budget in an inefficient manner.

For Google display campaigns…

  • As with search, we monitor performance by time of day, day of week, and region. The results are often very different from search campaigns.
  • We actively test new placements across the web. We find relevant websites to target, and we also identify and target web pages on which your competitors are showing ads.
  • We block spammy or ineffective placements. Does your advertisement really need to show on that mobile gaming app or gossip website? Probably not — when we identify a low-quality ad placement, we take step to make sure no more impressions go to that app or website.
  • We build and test new audiences. Google’s audience targeting is more advanced that ever, and we can use various “custom intent,” “custom affinity,” or lookalike audiences to reach nurses and physicians who are actively looking for travel jobs. We monitor and edit this audiences regularly to bring your CPL down.

There’s so much more that goes into campaign optimization, but you’ll be off to a great start when you hire us to run your paid advertising campaigns.

We Build Campaigns That Scale

Once the results of your campaign start to speak for themselves, you may decide to expand — we can make that happen. We build all of our accounts in such a way that we can increase daily spend or expand our geographic targeting without negatively influencing CPL. In short, we plan for our advertising efforts to grow alongside your business.

We Save You Time by Attracting Only Qualified Applicants

Are you looking to fill a set number of locum tenens physician jobs, or do you market to only registered nurses? If so, we understand that you don’t have the time or budget for unqualified clicks and applications from LPNs, for instance.

We write advertisements, design landing pages, and build campaigns to attract clicks and applications from only qualified individuals, and we monitor the quality of the searches and clicks we receive daily.

We Can Market as Broadly Or As Niche As Necessary

Running a national campaign to increase applications from RNs in general is a completely different project from placing a few highly specialized traveling surgeons — we can handle both scenarios. Whether you need to place nurses in a specific state or hospital, or you need to generate hundreds of leads from a national campaign, we will help you meet your acquisition goals.

We Recommend a Strategic “Campaign Mix”

Should you invest your budget in remarketing, display ads, or search ads? We recommend a mix of the three, whenever possible — they work perfectly in tandem with each other.

Firstly, search campaigns should form the backbone of your advertising efforts. You can optimize these campaigns endlessly, and you are marketing to the warmest leads possible. With the right keyword targeting, ad copy, and landing page experience, you can have an efficient and high-volume search campaign generating leads in no time at all.

Second, we build highly sophisticated display campaigns. Google has more granular targeting options than ever, and our proprietary method of combining market research with keyword data allows us to use the Google Display Network to show ads to individuals who have indicated strong interest in a traveling medical industry position.

And finally, we feed all of those previous users into a remarketing audience that we continue to present with ads. These clicks often cost less than $1, and they will very often “close the deal” with a web user who has already visited your site once or twice without converting.

We Offer All Of Our Services in Spanish As Well

Are you trying to reach Spanish-speaking travel nurses and doctors? We have an in-house team of native Spanish speakers, and we can build your campaigns (not to mention your website and content) from scratch in Spanish. The Spanish workforce is only getting larger, and so are the number of Spanish-speaking patients. That said, now is the time to start partnering with hospitals to provide a pipeline of qualified medical professional who can communicate in Spanish.

Paid Social Media Marketing Also Has Its Place

While the bulk of your advertising dollars should be spent on Google, you can also make additional points of contact on social media.

The first step is to install the Facebook Pixel in your website’s code — that way you can gather an audience of website visitors in your Facebook advertising account, and you can show ads on their timeline and Instagram feed. We can also generate new leads by building and testing new audiences and interests.

Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

We would love to help you reach your medical staffing lead generation goals, so if you have any questions for us about how we can partner with you, please reach out at your earliest convenience.

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