For this week’s article – I asked some of our clients who are attorneys one question – if they were to look back, over the last five years, what have been three keys to your success that were not related to law firm seo?

Lawyer #1 is a partner in a medium-sized firm’s family law and divorce practice group:

  1. BE ACCESSIBLE – Clients like to know that you are available for them whenever they need you (within reason and depending on the client sometimes not).  When a client is reaching out to you, the client does not want an answer the next day.
  2. BE A GREAT LISTENER – We all have the tools to be great lawyers but it is vital that you LISTEN and HEAR what the client is saying.  It’s not your case, it’s your client’s.
  3. CREATE A BRAND – Strive to become the “go-to” lawyer in your niche.  You want clients of yours to speak to other potential clients and tell them “She/he is the best in the business.”

Lawyer #2 is an up-and-coming star within his firm’s labor and employment group:

  1. SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS – I set realistic expectations for my clients and I work to exceed those expectations.
  2. BE TIMELY – I call people back timely, and I work to provide my clients with relevant information before they feel the need to ask for a status update.
  3. GIVE QUALITY – I produce quality work and pay attention to details.