The internet can be a difficult place to get noticed. You can spend a great deal of money on a flashy website, perfect graphic design, and then count the number of visits it receives per week on one hand.  CPAs and accounting firms have traditionally treaded in the physical world of marketing, hoping to attract attention from potential clients as potential client’s needs identify themselves.  The truth is, a focused SEO strategy can help a great deal in bringing these potential clients to your doorstep.

Search engine optimization is the process of tailoring a website to comply with Google and other mainstream search engines, resulting in your site being ranked higher, and thus, listed higher in search results.

The majority of people searching for a service in 2012 use Google, (with 66.4% of explicit core searches in March of this year). With the prevalence of smart phone technology and wifi connections publicly available in many major cities, it has never been easier to find local and national businesses through a simple search.

Google recently rolled out a new algorithm that tweaked their Google Local service on search results pages.  What this means for the accounting marketing world, in a nutshell, is that 7 of the top results in a Google search are allotted to businesses specific to the zip code from which the search was placed. This means that, when someone searches for “accountant New Jersey” or “CPA Philadelphia”, with proper search engine local optimization, your site will appear within those seven results.

Many professional accounting firms can receive a large influx of new clients thanks to personal or business tax season, and if this crowd is a part of your target market, ranking highly in search results could be very helpful.  Potential clients will immediately find your site, telephone number, email address, and physical location; all instantly clickable for immediate interaction.  Additionally, the more clients you get through online marketing, the more likely satisfied clients will leave positive reviews articulating their experience with your firm.  This can only serve to further the reach of your company, as more potential clients can reassure themselves on your company’s positive reputation by reading such reviews.