Because it’s such a broad category of legal practice – and one rife with competition among firms – criminal defense law is a great example of an industry in which success is largely determined by marketing. Simply putting out a sign labeling you a criminal defense law firm does little to set your company apart from the dozens of others doubtless operating in your area; luckily, your firm can greatly increase its visibility and bring in clients from all over the region without ever having to leave the office. In the age of the Internet, all it takes is some digital marketing acumen to bring a criminal defense firm to the attention of those in need of representation, but this type of marketing requires a close understanding of search engines, online advertising, and content strategy to bear fruit. So, how do you market a criminal defense law firm? To find out, keep reading as the experts in law firm SEO over at Majux provide the answers you need.

The Role of Search Engines and SEO for Criminal Defense Law Firm Marketing

On topics ranging from how to water a succulent to what kind of motor oil to put in a car, people across the country turn to the Internet for solutions; this same instinct applies to legal questions as well. Every day, those in need of a lawyer ask search engines like Google or Bing to find them a representative who can offer a defense against criminal charges and ensure their freedom. However, these searches are bound to turn up a great number of law firms, each claiming to be the best, so how do these prospective clients choose a lawyer? The answer is SEO for criminal defense attorneys.

Improving Your Criminal Defense Law Firm’s Search Rankings

When Google turns up results to a person’s search, they rank them on the page, and searchers naturally gravitate toward those links at the top under the assumption that they represent the best options around. By leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) services for your criminal defense law firm’s website, you can ensure that your firm is among those featured prominently on sites like Google and Bing – one of the most effective ways to generate leads.

Doing so, however, requires an understanding of the factors that search engines look for, which are judged by an ever-changing algorithm unique to each site. For example, search engines use the presence, placement, and frequency of keywords on a criminal defense website to determine whether it matches the searcher’s criteria, though factors like the quality of the content matter as well. By working with a team that can provide a thoughtful SEO strategy for law firms, you can place your criminal defense law firm at the top of the pile, both in terms of rankings and revenue.

Content Strategy for Criminal Defense Law Firms

As with personal injury law, criminal defense law requires a uniquely local take on a client’s needs. When someone is arrested for a DUI in Utah, for instance, they face different legal challenges than a person arrested on a similar charge in Louisiana. It’s for this reason that keyword research and content strategy are so important for criminal defense law firms looking to attract leads: Clients want representation that understands the idiosyncrasies of the law in their state or municipality, and that means generating content to address their specific concerns.

However, content strategy for law firms requires more than just speaking to an Internet user’s needs. After all, even the most persuasive copy won’t amount to much if it’s never seen by clients in the first place. To ensure that the right people see what you have to offer, you’ll need to work within the systems set up by the big search engines and cater your content – at least, in part – to the standards set by Internet giants like Bing and Google. Of course, that requires experience with these systems – which are constantly in flux as companies update their algorithms or add new features – but it’s experience that the Majux team has in spades.

Using Online Advertising to Market Your Criminal Defense Law Firm

Given the amount of time that people from every background spend on sites like Facebook and Google, it’s no wonder why so many lawyers prioritize these sites for online law firm PPC advertising. While this can be an effective strategy if implemented correctly, a botched ad campaign can easily become a money pit in the absence of experienced supervision. With the decades we’ve spent providing marketing services for law firms, the team at Majux is perfectly equipped to handle digital advertising for criminal defense firms in every market.

Typically, an online advertising campaign will include the use of two particular types of ads: display ads and paid search ads. The former refers to the placement of ads on popular sites throughout the Internet, targeting a great number of potential clients with customized marketing material. Along with display advertising services, paid search ads can be an effective way to get your information in front of clients; this method involves placing text ads above the organic search results a user sees on Google or Bing. The expense of these options can make them less attractive than others, but for a criminal defense law firm with the right guidance, they can be a profitable source of leads.

Enjoy Effective Digital Marketing for Your Criminal Defense Firm with the Help of Majux Marketing

Combined, Majux has more than a quarter of a century’s experience generating leads for criminal defense firms around the country, and it shows. On average, each law firm that partners with Majux sees more than 180 qualified leads every month, not to mention a huge boost in web traffic and search engine rankings. See the benefits of working with Majux for yourself by visiting us online or calling (215) 309-1631 today.