In my latest guest post I discuss how to optimize for velocity. You need to be there when your customers contact your business and when you are not there for them…they go with your competitor. Think of how many times in your own life you have:

  • Hung up the phone because it took too many rings to answer
  • Left a store because the line was too long
  • Left a restaurant because the waiter took forever to get to you

Well, your customers feel the same way online!

The strategies in the article help you:

  • Understand why velocity is so important
  • Instantly get in contact with your customers
  • Prevent your customers from going to your competitors
  • Get more phone calls

You can check the article on the PPC blog PPC Hero.


This post covers:

  1. How to stand out among the 5,000 average marketing messages that a typical user will see
  2. What is the frustration effect and how do you avoid it
  3. A Harvard study on the importance of reaching back to customers quickly
  4. 2 Different ways for your customer to call you online
  5. What is an auto-responder and why is it important

Head on over to PPC Hero to check it out.