Abandoned Cart Marketing Campaigns for eCommerce Websites (Email + Display)

How do you shop online? You price-compare via 5+ tabs at any given time, you add items to your cart in all five stores just to keep track of what you like, you try to apply discount codes that you found on Facebook, you get distracted by yet another tab, and you ultimately decide to finish shopping later (but you rarely remember to do so).

Modern ecommerce shoppers are bombarded with options, mental noise, and different user experiences, and retailers see the ripple effect via abandoned cart metrics. If you’re losing money because your shoppers are abandoning their carts, you can recoup that revenue via abandoned cart remarketing and retargeting. Keep reading to learn how.

Note: No amount of abandoned cart retargeting can make up for bad UX. If your ecommerce website is broken, glitchy, cumbersome, or slow, read this before worrying about retargeting.

Abandoned Cart Statistics

Did you know that up to 80%* of online shoppers abandon their carts? Shoppers add products to their cart, get distracted, exit the checkout process, and almost never return (unless you remind them). When you look at granular device data, the stats are even more harrowing: desktop users abandon at around 67%, and mobile users abandon around 85%**. We don’t need to tell you that most people shop and browse on their mobile devices these days, so the latter statistic is of great importance.

On the revenue side, brands lose up to $18 billion annually*** due to abandoned carts. While you can certainly improve these numbers by building a fast mobile site and pursuing conversion rate optimization, you do need to reacquire your abandoned checkout visitors via remarketing. If you don’t, you’re leaving revenue on the table.


Abandoned Cart Email Marketing

Most marketers report that email marketing is their highest-performing channel from a revenue point of view, and that makes sense — if you’ve acquired a user’s email address through your ecommerce checkout process, form submission, or other means, that user has already expressed deep interest in your brand.

Therefore, the lowest hanging fruit from a remarketing perspective is abandoned cart email remarketing.

What is Abandoned Cart Email Marketing?

Abandoned cart email remarketing is the process of sending automated follow-up email reminders to site visitors who abandoned the checkout process. If you’ve ever abandoned your cart on a major retailer’s website, you’ve probably gotten a follow up email from the retailer. The email contains the products you left in your cart, and maybe even a discount code – that’s an abandoned cart email.

These emails are often automated in MailChimp, HubSpot, Shopify, and other platforms, and if you abandon your cart, you may even trigger a seriesof emails: the first follow-up, a second email with a discount code, a third email with other suggested products, and so forth.

Why is Abandoned Cart Marketing Important for an eCommerce Site?

Generally speaking, you can expect to recover about 12% of your abandoned cart shoppers with a 1-3 email follow-up campaign (as long as your email template is relevant). So if you experienced 100 abandoned carts last month, you could have brought 12 of them back into the fold with a simple email drip campaign – and studies show that the lifetime value of customers reacquired through email remarketing is just about equal to the lifetime value of customers who never abandoned their carts to start with.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay for abandoned cart email remarketing! It’s not like display retargeting on Google or AdRoll, where you have to pay a cost per click (CPC). This audience is free to market to. All you have to do is build a campaign in your chosen platform.

How Do You Set Up Abandoned Cart Email Marketing?

First, choose your platform. If you have a Shopify store, you can easily build an automated email campaign right in the dashboard:


Then all you have to do is follow the setup wizard, select an out-of-the-box email template, choose how soon after the cart abandonment the emails start to send, and launch the campaign.

MailChimp also makes abandoned cart emails easy – you can connect pretty much any ecommerce platform via the MailChimp API, choose from a template, upload your product photos or logos, and you’re ready to go. HubSpot is another popular choice, and there are myriad other platforms for setting up abandoned cart remarketing (many of them are free).

For reference, you’ll want your follow up email to look like this:


Source: https://neilpatel.com/blog/peak-design-email-remarketing/

Don’t be too pushy, and if you add a second email to your drip campaign, consider adding a discount code to seal the deal.

Abandoned Cart Retargeting Via Display Advertising

Abandoned cart emails + display advertising make for a powerful combination, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to bring your site visitors back via Google, Facebook, and other display networks.

Abandoned Cart Remarketing On Google

You’ll start by building an abandoned cart audience in Google Analytics one of two ways:

  • Segment your audience by the pages they’ve visited
  • Segment your audience by the actions they’ve taken

In the audience building tool, you could tell Google to collect users who visited the /checkout URL on your site but did NOT arrive at the /thank-you page. Likewise, you could collect users who clicked on the “add to cart” button on your website but did NOT click on the “pay now” button — the exact funnel depends on your web design. You will then add this audience to your Google Ads account in the audience setup process (your Google Ads account must be connected to Google Analytics).

Note: if you are getting a high number of “checkout” clicks, but very few of those users end up making a purchase, check on your payment gateway and actual checkout process! You might have a UX issue, and if it’s difficult for users to add their credit card, select a shipping method, or anything else, they will leave for a competitor.

Next, build a campaign in Google Ads. Upload either static display ads or build one with the responsive display ad tool in the user interface, then add the abandoned cart audience you built in Google Analytics via the Shared Library in Google Ads.

abandoned cart marketing

If you have a product feed uploaded in Google Merchant Center, you can also run a dynamic retargeting campaign in Google Ads. You will need to add some additional javascript text to your site (see more info here), but once you’ve set up a dynamic retargeting campaign, Google will use the data from your product feed to show personalized ads to previous site visitors.

Abandoned Cart Retargeting on Facebook

Facebook and Instagram are excellent retargeting options as well, and you can set up dynamic retargeting in Facebook’s interface. Facebook Business Manager is notoriously difficult to work with, but you’ll need to start by adding the Facebook pixel to your website. After that, create a product catalog in the Facebook interface — you can import a product list from Shopify and other partners if you have one already.

Then get started building a campaign on Facebook. The campaign build process is where you’ll find the options for which audiences to target, what kind of ads to build (we recommend carousel ads for dynamic retargeting — it’s a great upsell opportunity), and what site actions to target. You can read more specific info about this campaign setup on Facebook.

Abandoned Cart Retargeting On AdRoll

AdRoll is quickly gaining momentum in the ecommerce world, and you can show your ads on websites, apps, and social media through their platform.

The setup process is similar to those above: you will install the AdRoll pixel on your website, build a product feed in AdRoll or import an existing one, and then build dynamic retargeting ads in their user interface. You can even use Macros to build dynamic UTM strings in your ads.

The ads are simple — AdRoll pulls the title, price, and image from your product feed to serve personalized ads to users on the web who have visited your product pages or added items to their cart.

We Can Help You eCommerce Sell More with Abandoned Cart Marketing

Would you like to boost revenue by reacquiring 12% or more of your abandoned cart shoppers? We can help you build abandoned cart remarketing audiences, create email sequences, design display ads, and track the results. Call the ecommerce marketing experts at Majux Marketing at (215) 309-1631.

  • *Source: Annex Cloud
  • **Source: Barilliance
  • ***Source: DynamicYield
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