When people think about twitter they often think about embarrassing celebrity tweets (aka anything Donald Trump tweets) and sentences that are full of hashtags. What they often don’t think about is business results – but they should!

With 304 million active users on twitter there is surely some business value to this micro-blogging platform.

AdWords is Google’s pay per click (PPC) network and what my company, Majux, typically uses to deliver leads and sales to our clients. This advertising system is a way to show the right advertising message to the right person at the right time. The basic idea with AdWords is:

  1. You bid on keywords that you want your ads to appear for
  2. Once the user searches for that keyword in Google they are presented with your ad
  3. If they click on that ad they are taken to a landing page where you try to make them convert (perform a business action, such as filling out a form or making a phone call)

So how do we tie these two distinct networks together? Besides just advertising on twitter and calling it part of your pay per click budget I am going to show you how to use twitter to increase the return on ad spend that you receive from your AdWords campaigns. Since you can’t pay your employees in tweets, each one of these will help you instead achieve actual business results.

How Can I Use twitter To Help Improve My Google AdWords Results?

Let’s look at some of the ways to discover how to get actual business results from a microblogging platform that people usually use to show pictures about what they had for breakfast.

1. Retarget Users on twitter

twitter advertisement

You send users to a landing page because you want them to perform an action (which in marketing terms is called a conversion). However the average conversion rate for landing pages is only 2.31% which means that about 98% of the people come to your site and don’t perform the action which is important to your business. You know these users are interested because they searched for a specific term and clicked on your AdWords ad originally – they may have just gotten distracted and left the page.

You need to get these users back to your page and one of the best ways to accomplish this is through twitter retargeting.

Retargeting is the act of dropping a cookie in a users’ browser and having your ads follow them as you search the Internet. If you have ever been to a page and then felt like the ads are following you around – you aren’t being paranoid you are just experiencing retargeting.

With twitter retargeting you can follow users around twitter who have been to your page previously. The way to do this in conjunction with AdWords:

  1. Set up an AdWords campaign as you would normally, targeting users who search for specific keywords. This is what you are going to use to get users to your page initially.
  2. On your landing page install a twitter retargeting pixel. This is simply a line of code that twitter provides you and tells their system to install a cookie in their browser.
  3. When users from AdWords come to your landing page they are added to your twitter retargeting list.
  4. Launch a twitter retargeting campaign. Even though the users came from AdWords, these self selected users will now see your ads as they use twitter.

The advantage to doing it this way is:

  • The user’s self selected, you are not just targeting random twitter users. These are users that you know are interested.
  • The clicks are much cheaper on twitter than on the AdWords search network. It costs an average of $1.00 every time someone clicks on the Google search network (and sometimes they are much more) while twitter clicks average between. 10 and .29 cents.
  • You have access to to follow users on twitter, which AdWords retargeting doesn’t allow you to do.

2. Show Trust Signals on Your Landing Page via Twitter

twitter advertisement

One of the biggest initial hurdles with doing business on the Internet is that users don’t trust your business if they don’t know your brand. Without a physical store to walk in and evaluate users need to look to other signals that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.

One of the best ways to show users that you have a legitimate business is through social proof. Social proof is the concept that if other people are using the product then it must be a good and trustworthy product.

Social proof can be demonstrated via twitter on your landing page in two ways:

  1.  Showing that you have a large twitter following. This needs to be a real number (not just thousands follow us) but somewhere on the landing page show that you have a following of people who trust your business. This large number can influence the user to trust your business as well. This type of social proof is the reason why McDonald’s used to have those signs that said 1 billion hamburgers sold. It meant that if they sold that many, then they must be great hamburgers.
  2. Show that users love your business. Take actual tweets from users that show that they love your business. These are powerful because unlike general testimonials the user can check and verify to make sure that these are real.

Twitter testimonials

Using trust signals on your landing page typically increases the conversion rate on your landing page. This means that you get more conversions from the same number of clicks that you purchase on AdWords.

3. Look for Pain Points

When crafting the copy for your AdWords ads, you want to answer your customers’ pain points.

However, sometimes it is difficult to figure out exactly what those pain points are. For example, if you own a pizza parlor you may think that the customer pain point is that they are hungry – and you may be right. But, other times it may be pains that you haven’t thought about. For example, while your customer may be hungry the real pain they feel is the inconvenience of cooking. Looking at those two pain points (hungry v. cooking) you can see how they would result in two completely different ads, landing pages and offers to be relevant to your customer. In AdWords the more relevant your ad is (which they measure by click through rate) the lower your cost per click is and the better your return on ad spend.

You can use twitter to research and find your customers’ pain points and then create your ads. The most efficient way to do this is to use twitter advanced search:https://twitter.com/search-advanced?lang=en and search your type of business  and then put a couple of different modifiers such as sucks, help, problems you will see that potential customers will tell you exactly what their pain is. Once you have uncovered your customers real pain points you just need to adequately answer those issues in your AdWords ad.

As an example, let’s say I was running an airline and I wanted to see what passengers pain points were (my guess would be seats are uncomfortable), I would go to twitter advanced search and type in airline sucks:

Airline Sucks Search

I would then see that actually – my customers pain point is the food and baggage prices. I could specifically address these pain points address in my AdWords ads:

airline sucks Twitter Search

4. Test Your Ads as tweets

What Google cares more about than anything in the world is relevance.

They want to show users the most relevant results and that includes the most relevant ads on their search engine results page. For this reason they reward advertisers who have more relevance (they use click through rate as a proxy for relevance) – with the lowest cost per click allowing these advertisers to achieve the highest return on ad spend. 

But what if you didn’t have to test on AdWords initially? While testing you will surely have a lower click through rate since you don’t know the exact phrasing that works. Additionally you have to pay for each click on AdWords.

You could begin by testing out your promotions, unique selling point and copy in twitter where you will not be penalized if users don’t click on your ads. This allows you to experiment without losing click through rate and paying for expensive low relevant clicks. Additionally, this enables you to begin your AdWords campaigns with ads that you know your audience is interested in, achieve higher click through rate and see a better return on ad spend within Google.

5. Allow Users to Pay With a Tweet

Pay with tweet

This is kind of a bonus.

Normally, when you are utilizing Google AdWords for lead generation a user has to fill out a form to receive your offer (usually an eBook or white paper) once you have their email you can add them to your email list which allows you to email market to them later.

But, you can utilize twitter to allow the user to “pay” you with a tweet for your offer instead of filling out their email address. This means that to receive your offer the user must tweet out the your offer to their followers. 

This provides a couple of benefits:

  • Your offer can now be clicked across twitter without you having to pay (as you would with AdWords)
  • There is social proof because the user has shown that the offer is good enough for them
  • You get additional exposure because the offer is now on twitter.

How have you used twitter to improve your AdWords campaigns?

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